Burp suite Tutorial Series - Brute Force Login Page

Posted by Suraj Singh on December 30, 2018 · 4 mins read
Have You Ever Tried To Brute Force Any Web Application Using Burp Suite Software. if not yet, Then Read This Complete Post.

Welcome To My Blog Today In this Post i am going to show you How we can use Burp Suite To Brute Force Any Web Application Login Page Using Burp Suite.

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readers, Here For Tutorial Purpose, I am going To Use DVWA. DVWA stands for Damn Vulnerable Web Application. It's a kind of Vulnerable Application Specially Design To Practise hacking Skills.

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So, Let's Start Our Practical Example.
First Open Burp Suite, Then Configure You Burp Suite With Firefox Browser. For More Info, Click Here Or You Can Use Foxy Proxy Firefox Add-on To Do Configuration Part Automatically, For More Info About Foxy Proxy,.. Surf Google.

Now, Here Add Scope (Target Site To Prevent Our Attack From Wrong Victim Address).

Then, Enter False Username And Password. (To Use That Request And Response As Template)

Then, Add Target address To Intruder

Check Target Tab

Check Position And Select Cluster Bomb (This Option To Iterate Dictionary String To All Selected Input Field Mark). and Here, Use Burp Suite Mark To Target field. Use Right Side Button.. To Do..

Payload Tab (Here, We have to Add Wordlist And In Option Tag, Provide any word in Grep match Section, word that only available in response when, burp suite will successfully login to website. so, that burp suite can search for that word, and can provide us hint if that response is for successful login.)

Now, Click To Start Attack, A New Window Will Pop. Then, You Just Need To Wait Until Its Find Right Combination of Password, Like My one Find It, And I used 'welcome' as Grep Match Word In Option, So You Can See Check Mark.

I hope You Enjoyed This Tutorial.