Command Execution Program in Assembly language

Posted by Suraj Singh on December 28, 2018 · 2 mins read

Hi readers, Welcome Again To my Blog. readers, Today In This Post I am going To Share Another Mind Blowing Example of Assembly Program in which I simply tried to execute linux command. Actually, This Example is very important to understand if you want to learn exploit writing.

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Here, its my code

Command Execution Program in Assembly language

; Program To Execute Commands
; author : Suraj Singh Bisht
; Email :

; section bss

; section data
filename db "/bin/ping", 0h ; Decleare String
argv db "", 0h ; Argument

arg_array dd filename ;
dd argv ; Array of Arguments
dd 0h ; End of Argument

environ db 0h ; Empty Argument

; section text
global _start ; Linker Trigger

; Routine
mov eax, 11 ; Invoke SYS_EXECVE () - > execve(const char *filename, char *const argv[], char *const envp[])
mov ebx, filename ; EBX = File name
mov ecx, arg_array; ; ECX = array of argument addresses
mov edx, environ ; EDx= Environment
int 80h ; kernel Interpt

mov eax, 1 ; InVoke SYS_EXIT
mov ebx, 0 ; Return 0
int 80h ; Kernel Interpt

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