Subroutine Example Of Assembly Language NASM

Posted by Suraj Singh on December 20, 2018 · 4 mins read
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Welcome Again To my blog. readers, Today I am going to Share Another Example Piece of Code of Assembly Language Where, I Tried To Demonstrate Sub Routine Concept Available In Assembly Language.

In Simple Words, Sub Routines Are Like Simple Series of Command, also known as Procedure Oriented Program, where User Can Jump Or Call These Routine.

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Subroutine Example of Assembly Language.

Actually, These Codes Are Super Easy To Understand, And I Also had Used Lots of Comments To Make It more Easy To Understand. If You Don't Know, how To Compile Then, As I Already Told You Check Above Provide Links First. Then, Come Here.

; Subroutine Example
; author : suraj singh bisht
; Email :

; Declearing Routines
; +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
; String Length Finding Subroutine
; +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
; Input :
; EAX = Memory Address of String
; Return :
; EAX = length of String

; Routine To Save Register Into Stack
_saveresiters: ; Routine To Save Registers Into The Stack [Because ]
; it's necessary in Return Subroutine to process further routine without error
push ecx ; push ecx value into stack Why? [Just To Demonstrate Stack PUSH/POP]
push edx ; push edx value tnto stack
mov edx, 0 ; Set EDX = 0

; Iterate Routine
sub byte [eax], 0 ; If EAX==0 Then Set Zero Flag To 1 Else Zero flag To 0
jz _return ; Follow Return, if Zero flag is 1 Else pass
inc eax ; Increase EAX = EAX+1 Memory Address
inc edx ; Increase Routine Iteration Num
jmp _iterate ; Repeat

; Return Routine
mov eax, edx ; Set Return Value EAX= EDX
pop edx ; POP EDX value
pop ecx ; POP ECX
ret ; ret

; Exit Routine
mov eax, 1 ; invoke SYS_EXIT
mov ebx, 0 ; set Return Value 0
int 80h ; kernel interpt

; section bss

; section data
string db "Hello! I'm Suraj Singh", 0AH ; Decleare String

; section text
global _start ; Routine Trigger

; Start Routine
; First, Find The Length of String
mov eax, string ; EAX= String
mov ebx, 0 ; EBX = 0

call _findlength ; follow subroutine

mov edx, eax ; Save Return Value To EDX
mov eax, 4 ; invoke SYS_WRITE
mov ebx, 1 ; STDOUT
mov ecx, string ; ECX= String memory Address

int 80h ; kernel Interpt

jmp _exit ; Exit Routine

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