What is Burp Suite And its Features?

Posted by Suraj Singh on August 21, 2017 · 3 mins read
Hello readers,

Today, In This Post I am going to Introduce A Very Popular Penetration Testing Tool Called Burp Suite. 

Q1. What is Burp Suite?

Ans. Burp Suite is a Java application, specially designed for performing security tests and vulnerability scanning. Its capabilities include brute force tool, spider tools, Http Request Intercepting tool, repeater tool, intruder tool, sequencer tool, and many others. The software was designed and launched by PortSwigger Ltd and According To Burp Suite Official Website Definition: '''Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. It is not a point-and-click tool but is designed to be used by hands-on testers to support the testing process. With a little bit of effort, anyone can start using the core features of Burp to test the security of their applications. Some of Burp's more advanced features will take further learning and experience to master. All of this investment is hugely worth it - Burp's user-driven workflow is by the far the most effective way to perform web security testing and will take you way beyond the capabilities of any conventional point-and-click scanner. Burp is intuitive and user-readersly, and the best way to start learning is by doing. These steps will get you started with running Burp and using its basic features. You can then read on deeper into the documentation to become more proficient in using this supremely powerful tool.'''

Q2. What Are The Features Of Burp Suite?

Ans. There are many types of valuable features available in burpsuite but here, I am highlighting some important point according to my personal opinion on burpsuite.

  • Very Light Weight And Stable
  • Cross-Platform Supported
  • Well Design User Interface
  • Can Work With Almost All Browsers.
  • Can Help in crawling Website
  • Can help in scanning Http/Https Request and Response
  • Can Perform customize attacks 

And Lots Of Other Features like Sending Customize Requests, Performing Cookie Exploitation Attack, SQL Injection Attacks, Brute Force Attacks And Much More

Q3. How burp suite works?

Ans. Burp Suite is a Java Application that's act like a web proxy server between your browser and Internet Connection. In Simple Words, This Application run as a middle point between your browser and internet. This Feature allows burp suite to perform all security scannings, interception and modification of Http Requests, Analysing Web Server response, finding vulnerabilities, mapping attacks and performing many other types of attacks also.

Q 4. How to install it?

Ans. Follow This Links To Installation Instruction Of Burp Suite Application. click here

Burp Suite is Really Very Impressive Tools For Web Application Penetration Testing.