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Posted by Suraj Singh on August 05, 2017 · 3 mins read
hii Hackers,

Today, In this post I am going to show you how we can easily find a big list of SQL Injection Vulnerable Sites With The Help Of A Scanning Tools?


readers, Finding Big list of Vulnerable SQLi Sites Is really very time-consuming process. hence to make this process automatic and faster there is a python script that can do our all work in fewer mintures and the name of the script is Version 1.0 Created by b4tazar. you can download this script from here. click here

After Downloading this Script, To Make This Script Executable You Just Need To Remove '.txt' extension from File Name. (rename "").

Usages Tutorial

Step 1.

            Now, Open A Terminal and Execute this script.

:~# python

Step 2.

Choose Target Domains And Enter Your Dork String. (Get a big list of google dorks. click here)

Step 3.

Enter No. Of Thread

Step 4.

Enter No. Of Page

Step 5.

Sit Back And Wait For Few Minutes

Step 6.

Select Your Vulnerability Test Type. as here i am selecting SQL Injection Testing

Step 7.

Again, Sit Back And Let Script to Extract Vulnerable Sites List.

Ho yeah we got the SQL vulnerable site. I hope now you got the right procedure to find vulnerable site list.

So, This Tutorial Ends Here.


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