Fast WPA/WPA2-PSK Handshake Cracking With Cowpatty and Genpmk

Posted by Suraj Singh on July 30, 2017 · 4 mins read
hii Hackers,

Today My Post is All About How to boost wpa/wpa2-psk handshake cracking with the help of cowpatty and genpmk.


Cowpatty is also a Cracking Tool, Which Can Also Crack WPA/WPA2-PSK Using Dictionary attack. This tool is pre-installed in Kali Linux / Backtrack but if you are using any another distro of linux then you can install cowpatty with the help of this tutorial. click here

So, As I already Demonstrated In Our Previous Tutorial That How To Crack WPA/WPA2-PSK Handshake File With The Help Of Aircrack-ng And List Of Passwords (Dictionary) and only if we have the correct password in our dictionary, cracking works every time correctly but In Cracking their one more main problem is, Time taken in Cracking. So Basically Here To Save Our Time in cracking process we will use pre-calculated PMK. PMK stand for Pairwise Master Key. To Crack any handshake encryption, cracking tools continuously generate PMK with every single password to find and match the real key of handshake encryption. hence, continuously calculating PMK with every single passpharse is very time consuming process during cracking. so, what we are doing? we will pre-calculate all PMK with the help of genpmk tools in a database then we will use cowpatty to find matching PMK from database with Handshake file for finding real password. Thus, To speed up the cracking process we need to create a pre-calculated database of PMK from wordlist as fast as possible.

To Create Pre-Calculated PMK Database. Here, we will use genpmk.

Open  a Terminal And Type:

:~# genpmk -f [path/to/wordlist] -d [PMK_DATABASE_NAME] -s [ESSID]

Here, -f argument is for passing dictionary file path, -d for new pmk database name and -s is for WPA ESSID

For Example Check Below Screen shot.

After Calculating And Saving All Passpharse PMK in a Database. Now, We will use cowpatty to compare all Database PMKs with captured Handshake file.

Open Terminal And Type Below Commands.

:~# cowpatty -d [PMK_Database_path] -s [ESSID] -r [Handshake_file]

Here, -d argument is for pre-calculated pmk database name, -s is for ESSID and -r is for capture handshake file.

For Example Check Below Screenshot.

Now, For Speed Comparison Between Aircrack-ng and Cowpatty Pre-Calculated PMK Database here i am also providing aircrack-ng screen shot.

As You Can See In Above Screen shot, Cowpatty is cracking on 200053.09 passpharses per second where aircrack-ng is cracking with 1291.29 keys per second.

i think now you got it.


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