Piping Crunch With Aircrack-ng - kali Linux tutorials

Posted by Suraj Singh on July 29, 2017 · 2 mins read
hii Hackers,

Today, In This Tutorial I am going to show you how to directly pipe crunch output to aircrack-ng.

Q 1. What Is Piping and why to use it?
Ans. Piping Is a simple way to connect any particular program output to another program input. Actually In Simple Words, Piping is a special technique to create a local direct connection between two programs nodes without depending on any local drive files. Why to use it? as you already know, for brute forcing any password, wordlists are very important files and the size of wordlist can be really very big. So,  With The Help Of These Piping, A Hacker Can Directly Pipe Crunch Output To Aircrack-ng Without Worrying About Crunch Output Data Size.

So, Let Me Quickly Show You Commands.

Open Terminal An Type:

:~# crunch [crunch_arguments_options] | aircrack-ng -e [ESSID] -w - [path/to/handshake/file.cap]


:~# crunch 8 10 bitforestn | aircrack-ng -e Thisisme -w - [path/to/handshake/file.cap]

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