what is web application penetration testing?

Posted by Suraj Singh on June 02, 2017 · 4 mins read
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In Today's Post, I Will Tell You About What Is Web Application Penetration Testing? And How It is Important To Increase Security Level?

Introduction Of Web Application Penetration Testing

So, let's Start With Some Basic Queries

Q 1. What is Web Application Means?

Ans. Online Various Types Of Web Service Or Web Apps are Hosted on Different Servers That Use Client Browser As A Interface Between User and Program are called Web Application. These Web Application Plays Major Role To Make Maximum Process Automatic And Easy For Server And As Well As for Client Also. In Simple Words, Client-Server Software Or Computer Application Which Use Web Browser As a Interface Between user And Program are called Web Application. In Modern World, Web Application Users Are Increasing Rapidly And Making Maximum Work Automatic For Client. These Web Application Are Also Helping To Serve Different Types Of Advance Services To Users In There Portable Devices.

Q 2. What Is Web Application Penetration Testing?

Ans. Web Application Penetration Testing is a controlled, simulated hacking attacks on Any Web Application Only For Testing Its Security Accuracy. With Web Application Penetration Testing, System s, Security Researchers, Websites s and Anyone can test its Web Application Security Accuracy To Find Any Weaknesses, Vulnerability, Or Any Problem That Can Cause Hacker To Gaining Access to Their Web Application Or Main System,  Database, Or Any Other Function Or Features Of Running System.

In Today's World, Web Application User are Increasing Rapidly and Trying To Make Maximum Work Automatic And Easy. So, For These Web Applications, Client And Server Security Is Major Point. Every One Wants To Secure Its Web Application And System From Malicious Attacks Performed By Hackers To Gaining Unwanted Access On Computers And Network Infrastructure And These Types of Attacks Can Also Lead Big Problems For Web Application And Computer Owners Also. So, What They Do! They Simply Perform Web Application Penetration Testing Attacks Against Their Own Machines, Computers, Web Application Or Servers To Find and Fix Their Weaknesses Or Vulnerability Before Any Dangerous Attacks. This Concept Of Finding Vulnerability In Web Application And Controlled Hacking Attack Against Web Application Is Called  Web Application Penetration Testing.

Q 3. Benefits of Web Application Penetration Testing?

Ans. Well, There Are Many Benefits Of Web Applications Penetration Testing But Here, I am highlighting Some Major Benefits.

  1. Helps In Finding And Fixing Security Loop Holes
  2. Helps User To Gain Trust On Online Services
  3. Creating Maximum Work Automatic
  4. Web Interface are Simple And Fast
  5. Actively Developing And Increasing Popularity
  6. and Many Other Features Also  


                      The Process of Finding and Fixing Vulnerabilities In Client-Server Application Or Program That Use Web Browser As a interface Between User And Program is Called Web Application Penetration Testing.

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