what is vulnerability testing

Posted by Suraj Singh on June 02, 2017 · 3 mins read
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Today, In This Post I am going To write About What is Vulnerability? And What is the meaning of Vulnerability Testing Or Vulnerability Scanning?

Introduction Of Vulnerability Testing

So let's Start with some basic queries

Q 1. What is Vulnerability?

Ans. Vulnerability means Security Holes Or Security Gaps That Can Cause Or Lead Harm To Computer, Computer Network Or Communication Infrastructure. For Example With The Help of Any Remote Exploitation Vulnerability A Hacker Can Get Easily Access Of Any Computer That Can Lead Big Harm To Computer User.  So, In Simple Word, Vulnerability Is Also known As Security Holes Or Security Gaps In Computer, Computer Networks, Communication Infrastructure Or IoT(Internet of Things). In Modern world, Big And Popular Vulnerability Of Computers And Computer Networks Are Helping Hackers To Spread Their Viruses And Malicious Software's like Ransomewares, Trojans, Spy Software's Etc.

Q 2. What is Vulnerability Testing / Scanning?

Ans. The Process Of Finding Different Types Of Vulnerabilities In Computer, Computer Networks Or Communication Infrastructure Is Called Vulnerability Scanning. Vulnerability Scanning are also known as Vulnerability Analysis And Vulnerability Assignments.  In Simple Word, The Process Of Identifying Various Types Of Security Holes And Vulnerabilities in Computer Or Network Infrastructure Is Called Vulnerability Testing. Basically, In This Concept, Scanner Only Tries To Identify Vulnerability Types And its Other Important Info That Can Help User To Fix Them. In Modern World, Vulnerability Testing Is One Of The Best Technique To Find And Fix Vulnerabilities That Will Help Network istrative To Increase Security Level of Computer Networks. This Concept Is Simple But Effective.

Q 3. How Vulnerability Testing Is Different From Hacking?

Ans. Well, Major Difference Of Vulnerability Testing And Hacking Is Its Intention means Vulnerability Testing Only Helps In Finding Different Types of Vulnerabilities In Networks But Hacking Is Way Where Hacker take Advantage Of Vulnerabilities To Exploit Computer And Computer Network. Vulnerability Testing Allow Users To Increase Its Computer Security But Hacking Is Only To Use Computer Vulnerabilities For Hacker's Personal Profits.


               Vulnerability Testing Is Process Of Identifying Vulnerability In Computer Network And Computer, and its also known as Vulnerability Assignment and Vulnerability Analysis.