what is a rainbow table? | Crack Passwords with lighting speed using rainbow table?

Posted by Suraj Singh on June 01, 2017 · 4 mins read
hii hackers,

Today, In this Post I am going to write about what is rainbow tables and How rainbow tables create password cracking more easy?

Introduction Of Rainbow Table

Q 1. What is Rainbow Table?

Ans. As The Name Suggest, Rainbow Table Is One Type Of Pre-Computed Table Of Hash Data For Several Hash Algorithms To Reverse The Hash Algorithm Cryptography Functions. Basically, In This Concept, A User Use A Pre-Computed Hash Table To Find Real Plain Text From Hash Value. In Modern World, Rainbow Table is One The Most Popular And Extremely Successful Way To Crack Any Hash Value Within Minimum Time And Minimum Computer Processing Power.

Q 2. How Rainbow Table Works So Fast?

Ans. As I Already Described Above, Rainbow table Use Pre-Computed Hash Value To Reverse The Process Of Hash Algorithms. So, Obviously This Method is Extremely High-Speed If Compared To Other Methods Of Password Cracking. Other Methods Like Brute Force Attacks, Dictionary Attack Or Hybrid Attack. Many Modern Password Cracking Software's are Now also Supporting Rainbow Table Concept For Cracking Passwords In Minimum Times. In my Opinion If You are a Penetration Testers, Hackers or  Cracker. Then, This Concept is Really Very Interest Thing For You But If You are A normal Internet User Then This Concept Is very Important To You also because this concept can cause big problems for your privacy policy.

Q 3. Advantages And Disadvantages With Rainbow Tables?

Ans. Well, As We Know A Coin always had two faces. Same here in This Situation Rainbow Table Also Contain Two Faces One Is Advantages And Other Is Disadvantages.

Advantages With Rainbow Table.

  1. Make Password Cracking Extremely Fast
  2. Take Less Processing Power
  3. Probability Of Success Is Higher Than Other Methods
  4. And Many Other Also

But Here are Some Disadvantages Also

  1. Take Large Storage For Storing Rainbow Table
  2. Need Special Heavy Hardware To Work
  3. Need Large RAM Capacity To Process
  4. And Many Other Also

Basically, To Use Rainbow Table We need Good Size Of Computer RAM To Process And Also Need Large Storage To Store Rainbow Table. Only Few Modern Software And Tools Supports Rainbow Table Attacks. In Short, This Technique Has Some Specific Requirements To Work In Real Life Cracking.

Q 4. How To Prevent Database From Rainbow Table Attack?

Ans. To Prevent Database From Rainbow Table Attack, User Need To Make Attention in few Points.

  1. Always Use Latest hash Algorithms
  2. Use Modern Security Tips To Make Your Security More Tight
  3. Use Random Hash Algorithm 
  4. Use Secure Database To Store Data
  5. And Many Other Also


                   Rainbow Table Attack Is Extremely High Speed Method To Crack Hashed Passwords In Minimum Time And With Minimum Processing Power

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