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Posted by Suraj Singh on June 01, 2017 · 7 mins read
Hello Web Developers

Today, In This Post I Am Going To Write About What Is Flask Web Framework and What are the usages Of Web framework?

So, let's start with some basic queries

Introduction Of Flask Micro Web Framework

Q 1. What Is Flask Micro Web Framework?

Ans. Flask Is an Open Source Web Frameworks That Is Specially design To Create Complex Website Mechanism in Fastest and Easiest Way. This Frameworks is Completely Written In Python. With Flask A User Can Easily Write A Complete Framework In One Or Few Python Script. Yes! This Is Possible. Flask Web Framework is very Simple To Use And Also Very Light Web Framework That's Why This Web Framework Is Also Called Micro Framework. As its Official Website says

 “Micro” does not mean that your whole web Framework has to fit into a single Python file (although it certainly can), nor does it mean that Flask is lacking in functionality. The “micro” in microframework means Flask aims to keep the core simple but extensible. Flask won’t make many decisions for you, such as what database to use. Those decisions that it does make, such as what templating engine to use, are easy to change. Everything else is up to you, so that Flask can be everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Q 2. What are The Usages Of Flask microframework?

Ans. Flask micro framework is very light weight frameworks and a cross platform supported Framework. Basically, As All Web framework, Flask Framework also use programming Language To Do its Whole Work Completely Automatic and Fast. Flask Use Python To Do Different Types Of Process Fastly And Easily. Flask Framework Also Provides Plug And Play like Features To run Different Extenstion
As Its Official Site Says

""" By default, Flask does not include a database abstraction layer, form validation or anything else where different libraries already exist that can handle that. Instead, Flask supports extensions to add such functionality to your application as if it was implemented in Flask itself. Numerous extensions provide database integration, form validation, upload handling, various open authentication technologies, and more. Flask may be “micro”, but it’s ready for production use on a variety of needs. """

So, With Flask Framework And its Extension Features,

 Users Can easily handle many types Of Work

  1. Automatically and Easily. Works Like 
  2. Automatic Database Handling
  3. Automatic User Handling
  4. Builtin Development Server
  5. Cookies And Cache handling
  6. HTML Template Handling
  7. And Many Others Also.

And As Its Official Website Say

"""Flask has many configuration values, with sensible defaults, and a few conventions when getting started. By convention, templates and static files are stored in subdirectories within the application’s Python source tree, with the names templatesand static respectively. While this can be changed, you usually don’t have to, especially when getting started."""

In Short, web Frame are Specially Design Application That Helps Web Developer To Create all Process Automatic And Fast. With These Types of Framework A User Can Create Many Types Of Large Website Easily And In Minimum time Limit.

Q 3. How its Work?

Ans. As I Already Described Above, To Make A Website, Flask Micro Framework Simply Use Python Classes And Python Processing Power And Its Different Features To Make Almost All Process Automatic. In Simple Words, Flask Micro Framework use Python Capabilities To Make All Website Related Process Automatic. For Example: With Extension Feature Of This Framework, A User Can Use OMR (object-relational-mapper) for handling Database Supports,  And Other Variety Of libraries To Handler Different Types Of Flask Behaviours And As Well As Template Features Also.

Q 4. What are The Features Of Flask Micro Web Framework?

Ans. Flask Micro Framework Contain Many Features To Make All Work Easy And Simple. So, Here Below I Am Writing Some Of Them

1. Extension Features
2. Large Variety of Automatic handling With Extension Libraries
3. Automatic Template Processing
4. Automatic URL Handling
5. Cross Platform Supports
6. Very Light Weight
7. Supports Wide Range Of Servers Applications like Apache, WSGI and Etc
8. Completely Written In Pure Python Scripting Language
9. Actively Improving And Developing Features
10. Large Community Support
11. Open Source Software
12. Comes With Built-in Stand Alone Webserver For Development And Testing
13. And Many Other Features Also.


                   Flask  Micro Web Framework is best choice To Start Journey In The Field Of Web Frameworks. Flask Is Very Powerful, Simple And light Weight To Work. So, I Think You Need To Take A Try Of Flask Web Framework.

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