what does it mean to hash a password?

Posted by Suraj Singh on June 01, 2017 · 3 mins read
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In Today's Post, I am Going To Write About What Does It Mean To hash A Password?

So, Let's Start With Some Basic Queries

Q 1. What Is a Hash Algorithm In Cryptography?

Ans. Hash Algorithms are special algorithm to calculate sum of any arbitrary length Of Input Data But The Output Or Sum is always Of fixed Length.  In Simple Words, Hash Or Salt Is a Special Technique That Allow You Only Encryption Of Data Or Sum Of Data, Means Hash Algorithms Not Allow Decryption Of Hashed Data. Basically, In This Concept Hash use Specially Design Mathematical Random Algorithm That Always Provides Same Encrypted Cipher / Output Of Same Data, Every Time. But Interesting Thing is That, Because Of Its Special Random Design, Reverse Of Hash Algorithm Is Nearly Impossible.

Q 2. Why Hash Algorithms Are Extremely Useful?

Ans. Hash Algorithms are extremely useful because with the help of these hash algorithms, anyone can easily store its confidential data like passwords, login data in hash sum in any database and whenever user need to again login, website login mechanism will take user input and then find its hash sum value to compare with database value and if value match, you got access. Simple. One the best features in this concept is,  A Hacker Can't Get Real Password In Plain Text That Much Simply Even After Hacking Any Database. Basically, A Website Create A Hash Values Of User Passwords And Store That Value In Database as a Reference Of Password and Whenever, User Enter Its Login Password, Website Again Calculate Hash Of Its Enter Password and Then Match That hash value With Saved Password In Database. This Process Makes Password Verifying Process More Secure And Easy. Even Every Security Expert Always Preferred Hash Algorithms Again Plain Text Password storage.

 Q 3. What Does It mean To hash a Password?

Ans. The Process Of Finding Sum Of Any Data Using Any Hash Algorithms Is Called Hashing, And Obtained Sum Of Data Is Called Hash. Well In Modern World Cryptography Is Actively Developing And Increasing Its Power Of Security And That's Why Their Are Several Types Of Hashes Are Available But Here, I Am Only Representing few Most Popular Hash Algorithms.

1. MD5 (Message Digest 5)
2. MD4 (Message Digest 4)
3. SHA256 (Secure Hash Function 256-bit)
4. WhirlPool


                   Hash Value Of Any Data is Called Password Hash.

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