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Posted by Suraj Singh on May 29, 2017 · 10 mins read
Hello readers,

Today, In This Post I am going to write about Top 4 Best Linux Distros For Web Servers?

So, let's Start With Some Basic Query.

Linux Web Server Distro Introduction

Q 1. What Is Linux?

Ans. Linux Is a Unix like Open Source Operating System. that is available for many purposes and used by millions of users. An operating system is a bunch of program that works like a interface between computer user and hardware. This interface works like a communication between hardware and user. In Simple Word, Linux Is Just like, WIndows Xp, WIndows 7/8/10 and Mac OS. But one of the major difference is, linux is completely open source. means anyone can customize and can use linux.

Linux is completely free to use for any purpose. yeah, yeah you don't need to spend money for linux. 

The Defining component of linux is the linux kernal, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991 by Linux Torvalds. Linux was originally developed for personal computers but has since been ported to more platform than any other operating systems.

Q 2.What Is Servers?

Ans. Servers are like a highly featured computers with special specifications. In Simple words, Server hardware's are specially design for running on maximum uptime, maximum processing power, maximum efficiency, high security and minimum power consumption.

These Servers are mostly used for hosting, storing, processing and maintaining websites and its data.  

Q 3. What Is Linux Server Operating System?

Ans. Linux Server Operating Systems are specially design Linux distro for handling server requirements. With These Specially Design Linux Server Operating System, A User can Easily Use Server For Hosting, Processing, Storing Website and its Data. One of the important factor in servers are, security. And In My Opinion, Linux are One Of The Most Secure Platform Available For Servers.

There are many features of Linux but some of them given below.

  1. Most reliable Operating System In the world.
  2. Highly Secure Operating System
  3. Open Source Operating System
  4. Stable And Best Kernel
  5. Stable Operating System
  6. free to run any program for any purpose.
  7. free to redistribute copies to any one.
  8. Available In Many Flavour.
  9. any many more

Top 4 Best Linux Distro For Web Servers

1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is published by Canonical Ltd. And This Organization Also Offers Commercial Support.

Ubuntu is Completely free to use. means anyone can use Ubuntu, for any type of purpose. you can customize you Ubuntu as you want. Additionally, Ubuntu is one the most popular operating system running in hosted environments, so-called clouds. as it is the most popular server Linux distribution.

Ubuntu Is Completely Open Source Projects that can run on clouds, servers, desktops, smartphones, tablets, IoT(Internet of things) and much more.

Ubuntu Server Distro Feature

  1. Fast Release Cycle. e.g. 2010,2012,2014
  2. Lead by Canonical Ltd
  3. LXD, Container hypervisor is now included by default in Ubuntu Server
  4. Deb/Apt-Get Package Manager
  5. Support Wide Range Of Packages
  6. Unified Package Repository is available For all Version
  7. Paid Support Option Is Also Available
  8. It's light, fast and stable.
  9. Easy to use, less headaches.
  10. Latest packages are always available.
  11. Wide user-base providing great support + decent library documentation.

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2. Fedora

                                    Fedora is also completely free for personal use. Fedora is very stable, secure and user-readersly. Fedora has a unique reputation, for focusing on latest technology and new innovations. Fedora Community is Rapidly Developing and Updating Fedora Features. And Fedora Also Provides Us Good list of Different Desktop Environment. Fedora is developed by fedora community and sponsored by Red Hat. fedora is available for many hardware like a server, personal computer, and others.

Fedora provides us a very good level security and many new features. Fedora comes with wide range of software. and almost all software are under free distribution license.  Software Can be installed using the DNF Package Manager.  Additionally, fedora also works on the latest Linux kernel and Fedora Supports wide range of architectures including Intel i686, AMD x86-x64, ARM-hfp, ARM AArch64, MIPS-64el, IBM Z, IBM Power64, IBM Power64le and much more.

Features In Fedora

  1. It's light, fast and stable.
  2. Easy to use, less headaches.
  3. Most Stable Handed And secure
  4. Good For Internet Facing Use
  5. Sponsored By Red Hat
  6. Large Community Support
  7. With Unique Security Features

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3. CentOS

                                     CentOS is Stand For Community Enterprise Operating System. The CentOS Linux is completely free to use and free to redistribute. This Project is supported by CentOS Linux Community And Red Hat Enterprise. That's why in my opinion, CentOS is also one of the most popular operating systems for personal computers and for network servers also because
users who install CentOS Linux Operating System also gain access to up to a decade's worth of enterprise level security updates because Linux is affiliated and supported by Red Hat.

CentOS is focused on delivering a robust open source ecosystem. CentOS is stable, solid, secure and very reliable for Server use.

Features Of Cent OS

  1. Most Stable Handed And secure
  2. Good For Internet Facing Use
  3. Official Red Hat Support
  4. Longer Support Cycle
  5. Preferred By Web Hosting Industries
  6. Large Community Support
  7. With Unique Security Features

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4. Debian

 Debian is a Unix-like operating system, first announced in 1993 by Ian Murdock and Debian is also The Mother Of All Other Linux Distros. Yes! Yes! Mother... Debian is One Of The Oldest, Secure, Stable Distro. As Most Of the Linux Distros, Debian Operating System Is also based on Linux kernel. Debian operating system is developed, packaged and maintained by a group of Individual participating in the Debian Projects.
Most of the programs and components are under the GNU General Public License. Means Their Source Codes are freely available online and any can use these software's for any purpose.
Debian is very stable and very reliable for personal use because Debian also works on Linux kernel. Linux kernel is world largest open source project with more than 13 million lines. and also one of the best kernel available in this world.

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Debian Features

  1. Most Stable Handed And secure
  2. Good For Internet Facing Use
  3. Supported By Large Debian Community
  4. Best Security Features
  5. Current Release is 419 million line source code
  6. Fast Release Cycle. e.g. 2011,2013,2015
  7. Deb/Apt-Get Package Manager
  8. Support Wide Range Of Packages
  9. Latest Release Comes With Software Updates
  10. Versatile

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