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Today, In This Tutorial I am Going To Write About What Is Django? And Features Of Django Web Framework?

Introduction Of Django

Q 1. What Is Django?

Ans. Django Is an Open Source Web Frameworks That Is Specially design To Create Complex Website System In Fastest and Easiest Way. This Frameworks is Completely Written In Python. Django Web Frameworks Works On The Principle Of MVT Architecture Pattern. Here, MVT Is Stand For Model, View And Template. Model Is Responsible For Database Related System, View Is For Handling Web page Or Data Representation and Template Is For Handling Web Sites Looks. Django Web Framework main Purpose Is To Create Complex And Database Driven Website In Easy To Write.

Q 2. What are The Usages Of Django?

 Ans. Django framework is very light weight frameworks and a cross platform supported Framework. Django Framework Also Provide Plug And Play Features. With Django, User Don't Need To Worry About Database Type Because Django Provides Built-in ORM Feature. Here, ORM Is Stand For Object Relation Mapper. With This Features, This Framework Automatically Handle Database Related Changes. So, User Don't Need To Do Any Changes In Database Coding. That's Why Django Is Best Web Framework To Create Complex website in Easiest Way. In Simple Words, Django Web Framework Provides Automatic Handling In Many Cases. For Example : Django Provides Built-In Control Panel, Automatic Database Handling, Automatic Authentication Handling, Automatic Cookie & Cache handling, And Many Other Features Also. With This Web Frame works, A Single User Can Do Many Things.

Q 3. How it's Works?

Ans. To Make A Website, Django Simply Use Python Classes And Python Processing Features To Make Almost All Process Automatic. In Simple Words, Django use Python Capabilities To Make All Website Related Process Automatic. For Example: This Framework Come With Built-in OMR (object-relational-mapper) for handling Database Supports, Template Features For Handling Templates And Many Other Features Also.

Q 4. Features Of Django?

Ans. Django Contain Many Features To Make All Work Easy And Simple. So, Here Below I Am Writing Some Of Them

1. Automatic database Handling
2. Automatic Cookie And Cache handling
3. Automatic Template Processing
4. Automatic URL Handling
5. Cross Platform Supports
6. Based On MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture
7. Supports Wide Range Of Servers Applications like Apache, WSGI and Etc
8. Completely Written In Python
9. Actively Improving And Developing Features
10. Large Community Support
11. Open Source Software
12. Light Weight Frameworks
13. Plug and Play Features
14. Work On DRY ( Don't-Repeat-Yourself ) rule
15.  Very Powerful Documentation. 
16. Comes With Built-in Stand Alone Webserver For Development And Testing
17. And Many Other Features Also.

Conclusion :

                   Django Is a Very Powerful And Light Weight Frameworks That Comes With Massive Automation  Features List. So, With This Frameworks, A User Easily Can Create Complex Websites And Database Support.

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