what is ddos? Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 23, 2017 · 4 mins read
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Today, I Am Going To Write About What Is DDos Attack And How This Types Of Attacks Works?

DDos Attack Introduction

Q 1. What is DDos Attack?

Ans. DDos is Stand For Distributed Denial Of Service. In This Attack, More Then One Attackers Machine Performs Denial Of Service Attack Against Any Victim Machine In Same Time. Mostly For This Attack, Hackers Use Compromised System To Run This Attack In Same Time. They Simply Install Trojans Or Other Malicious Softwares In Compromised System To Run Dos Attacks. In Simple Words, In This Attack A Hacker Use More Than One Computer (Potentially Hundreds Or Thousands) To Attack Against Any Single Victim Machine That Can Cause harm to victim machine.

Q 2. How DDos Attack Works?

Ans. To Understand This Attack, First We need to understand, what is dos attack? In Dos Attack, Single Attacker Machine Make Thousands Of Requests Against Victim Machine To Increase Traffic Flood. Simply Attacker Always Try To Make Busy Victim Machine In Processing Thousands Of Request. DDos Attack Also Works In This Same Principle. In DDos, Potentially Thousands Of Machine Try To Make Millions Of Request Against Victims Machine From Thousands Of Different IP Address And From Thousands Of Origin And That Can Cause Victim Machine Over Load Or Machine Failure. Attackers Simply Tries To Take Down Victim Machine.


Q 3. Types of DDos Attacks?

Ans. Well, There are Three Categories Of DDos Attacks :

1. Traffic Attack : 
                              In This Attack, Attacker Send Massive Amount Of TCP, UDP And Several Other Type Of Network Packets To Make System Busy In Processing These Packets and This Can Cause Victim System Over Load Or Hardware failure.

2. Bandwidth Attack : 
                                   In This Attack, Attacker Simply Upload Or Download Large Amount Of Junk Files And This Attack Can Cause Network Bandwidth Loss And Hardware Failure Also.

3. Application Attack :

                                   In This Attack Also, Attackers Simply Tries To Use Victims Application Service In Their Full Capacity. And This attacks Can Also Cause Network Unavailable.

Q 4. Why Hackers Like DDos Attack?

Ans. DDos Attack is Easy To Execute For Hackers And Also, This Attack Can Cause Big Loss For Victims Machines. Well, In Our Today's Life, On Internet Many Sites are facing big loss in their profits because of these types Of Attacker. So, You Can Say This attack Is Really Very Harmful For Any Target.

Q 5. How To Prevent System From DDos?

Ans. Well Their are many techniques are available in markets. Some Of Them Is Given Below:

1. Use DDos Protection.
2. Block Malicious IP Address.
3. Don't Mess With Hackers Groups


                     DDos Works On The Principle Of Dos And This Attack Can Cause Big Harm To Victim Machine.