what is cookie stealing? and how dangerous is it?

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In This Post, I Am Going To Write About What Is Cookie Stealing And How Dangerous Is cookie Stealing?

Cookie Stealing Introduction

Q 1. What is Cookies?

Ans. Cookies are also Know as Web Cookies Or Http Cookies. Cookies Are The Small Piece Of Text Data Stored In Web Browser To Identify Web Browser By Web Servers. In Simple Words, To Identify User Web Browsers, Web Servers Use These Cookies as Identity Pass For Client Web Browsers. Now, Many Of You Thinking, How This Cookie Process? When Any Client Browser Send request To Web server For Web Pages. The Server Reply With Cookies in Header Section Of Data. Then After Receiving Cookies Client Browser Automatically Saves These Cookies In Local Storage To Use As Identity Pass Of Client Browser With Web Server.

Q 2. What is Cookie Stealing?

Ans. In Cookie Stealing, Attacker Simply Use Bunch Of Malicious Codes To Access And Read Client Browser Saved Cookies Because As I Already Described In Previous Paragraph. This Cookies Works Like A Identity Pass Of Client Web Browser To Access Web Servers.  To Make This Attack More Successful, Hackers Mostly Use XSS (Cross-Site Script) Techniques To Inject Malicious Codes In Large Number Of Client Web Browsers.

Q 3. How Dangerous is Cookie Stealing?

 Ans. Cookie Stealing Can Be Very Very Dangerous For Victim. Because With Cookie Stealing A Hackers Can Easily Access You Online Login  Accounts Without Facing Any Login Mechanism. For Example: After Stealing You Web Browser Cookie. Hacker Can Easily Get Access In All Of Your Login Accounts Because Of Stealth Cookies.

Q 4. How To Prevent Ourself From Cookie Stealing?

Ans. Well, Their Are Many ways To Prevent Yourself From Cookie Stealing. But Here, Below I Am Writing Some Most Important Point To Remember :

1. Never Click On Unknown Links

2. Don't Visit Any Malicious Site From Your Regular Web Browser

3. Don't Save You Password In Web Browser

4. Constantly Change Your Account Passwords.

5. Constantly Clean Your Browser History.

6. Use Latest Version Of Web Browser.

7. Disable JavaScript In Web Browser

8. And Many Other


                      Cookie stealing is also very dangerous attack that can cause hacker's unwanted access in login accounts.

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