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Posted by Suraj Singh on May 23, 2017 · 13 mins read
if you are a new Linux beginner then this post is 100 % written for you!.

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                         Today, I Am Going To Show You Top 8 Popular Linux Distro Lists For Students.

Let's Start.

1. Linux Mint

                                  Linux Mint Is Best For Starting Linux Distribution. Linux Mint is known for its modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both easy to use and powerful. Linux Mint Looks are really very beautiful. Linux Mint Is Very Leight Weight and fasts to use.
Linux mint also provides complete multimedia support to its user because Linux Mint Comes With Some Pre-installed Multimedia Software and With a Wide range of multimedia and other related software. and You Can Download these software's easily using package manage of Linux mint. One of the interesting things is that almost all these software's are free of cost and open source software. Making exceptions for some proprietary software's, such as Adobe Flash and some other also.
So, for trial, you don't need to spend any amount.

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2. Debian 

                              Debian is the mother OS of a number of Linux Distribution. Because Debian is extremely stable. And This Stability Makes Debian ideal for Network Servers.

Debian is completely free to use. And That's why in my opinion, Debian is also one of the most popular operating systems for personal computers and network servers.

Debian also works on Linux kernel. And Debian has one of the largest software compilations with more than 50,000 software packages. and another special features, Debian contains only free software. that's why you don't need to spend money for Debian but by chance, if you need any paid software for any reason,  then don't worry, the non-free software can also be downloaded from the official Debian project repositories.

But Now, many of You thinking why Debian is in the last position.

Because Debian is an operating system certainly not for newbies but for system administrators.

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3. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is published by Canonical Ltd. And This Organization Also Offers Commercial Support.

Ubuntu is Completely free to use. means anyone can use Ubuntu, for any type of purpose. you can customize you Ubuntu as you want. Additionally, Ubuntu is one the most popular operating system running in hosted environments, so-called clouds. as it is the most popular server Linux distribution.

Ubuntu Is Completely Open Source Projects that can run on clouds, servers, desktops, smartphones, tablets, IoT(Internet of things) and much more.

Ubuntu defaults installation contains many types of software pre-installed like 
  • Web Browser (Firefox), 
  • LibreOffice (Office Suite), 
  • Thunderbird, 
  • PDF Reader,
  • and many other software. 

but if you want more types of software, then Ubuntu also contains a wide range of software that can install from Ubuntu Software Center Easily. 

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4. Fedora

                                    Fedora is also completely free for personal use. Fedora is very stable, secure and user-readersly. Fedora has a unique reputation, for focusing on latest technology and new innovations. Fedora Community is Rapidly Developing and Updating Fedora Features. And Fedora Also Provides Us Good list of Different Desktop Environment. Fedora is developed by fedora community and sponsored by Red Hat. fedora is available for many hardware like a server, personal computer, and others.

Fedora provides us a very good level security and many new features. Fedora comes with wide range of software. and almost all software are under free distribution license.  Software Can be installed using the DNF Package Manager.

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5. Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian Based Linux Distribution Specially Design for Advance Penetration Testing.

Kali Linux Is like a complete collection of hacking tools and frameworks.

because kali linux come with  600+ pre-installed tools that can be used for Penetration Testing,

Security Research, Computer Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Malware Analysis, And

for Many More.

Kali Linux is developed, funded and maintained by Offensive Security.

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6. CentOS

                                     The CentOS Linux is completely free to use and free to redistribute. This Project is supported by CentOS Linux Community And Red Hat Enterprise. That's why in my opinion, CentOS is also one of the most popular operating systems for personal computers and network servers because
users who install CentOS Linux Operating System also gain access to up to a decade's worth of enterprise level security updates because Linux is affiliated and supported by Red Hat.

CentOS is focused on delivering a robust open source ecosystem. CentOS is stable, solid, secure, good looking and very reliable for personal use because CentOS also works on Linux kernel.

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 7. BackBox

As Its Official Site Says :

                              BackBox Linux is a penetration testing and security 

assessment oriented Linux distribution providing a network and systems 

analysis toolkit. 

It includes some of the most commonly known/used security and analysis 

tools, aiming for a wide spread of goals, ranging from web application analysis 

to network analysis, stress tests, sniffing, vulnerability assessment, computer 

forensic analysis, automotive and exploitation. 

It has beed built on Ubuntu core system yet fully customized, designed to be 

one of the best Penetration testing and security distribution and more.

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8. Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS is a GNU/LINUX distribution based on Debian and also known as parrotsec.

It is designed for penetration testing, ethical hacking, cyber security , Vulnerability Assessment 
and Mitigation, Computer Forensics and Anonymous Web Browsing

It is developed by the Frozenbox Team.

And As Its Offical Site Claims 

" Security GNU/Linux distribution designed with cloud pentesting and IoT security in mind.

It includes a full portable laboratory for security and digital forensics experts, but it also 

includes all you need to develop your own softwares or protect your privacy with anonymity 

and crypto tools."

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