what is penetration testing? and how it is different from hacking?

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 20, 2017 · 4 mins read
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Today, I Am Going To Write About What is Penetration Testing? And How it Is Different From Hacking?

Penetration Testing Introduction

Q 1. What Is Penetration Testing?

Ans. A Penetration Testing is a controlled, simulated hacking attacks on any specific Computer, Servers, Machines, Any System Or Any Web Application Only For Testing Its Security Accuracy. With Penetration Testing, System s, Security Researchers, Websites s and Anyone can test its Machine Security To Find Any Weaknesses, Vulnerability, Or Any Problem That Can Cause Hacker To Gaining Access to Their System,  Database, Or Any Features System Related features.

In Today's World, Every One Wants To Secure Its System From Malicious Attacks Performed By Hackers To Gaining Unwanted Access On Computers And These Types of Attacks Can Also Lead Big Problems For Computer Owners. So, What They Do! They Simply Perform Penetration Testing Against Their Own Machines, Computers Or Servers To Find and Fix Their Weaknesses Or Vulnerability Before Any Dangerous Attacks. This Controlled Hacking Attack Is Called Penetration Testing, and Also Know as pen test, pen testing. 

Q 2. Who Are Penetration Testers?

Ans. Well Trained Advance Security Researchers, Networking Experts, Smart White Hat Hackers Or Specially Educated Person Who Can Perform These Penetration Testing Attacks Against Owner's System In Controlled Manners With Owner's Permission are Known As Penetration Testers.

To Be A Good Penetration Tester, A Person Need To Have Good Knowledge Of Networking, Programming, Linux, Servers, Exploits, Vulnerabilities, Hacking Tools, Hacking Techniques And The Solutions Of Any Vulnerability. And As Every One Know, "practise makes man perfect", So, Penetration Tester Also Needs Good Practise With His Skills.

Q 3. Why Penetration Testing is legal?

Ans.  In This Time, Unwanted, Illegal Hacking Activities Are Increasing Rapidly And These Activities are Causing Big Loss Of Money, Confidential Data And Other Problem. So, To Make System More Secure, Penetration Testing Is Very Important. Without Penetration Testing, Finding And Fixing All Vulnerability Is Very Very Difficult. That's Why In Today's Time, Penetration Testing is Getting Good Respect In The Field Of Information Technology And Other. Penetration Testing is Only Legal When Penetration Tester Takes All Types of Permission From Victim Machine Owner To Perform Attack Against Victim Machine.

Q 4. Why it Is Different From Hacking?

Ans. In Penetration Testing Attacks, A Attacker Takes All Types Of Permission From Machine Owner To Perform Attacks. Penetration Testers Always Perform their Attack In Controlled and Authorised Manner That Can Not Cause Any Harm To Machine. The Main Goal Of Penetration Testers is only to find Vulnerability On Machine That Can Cause Unwanted Access gaining To Malicious Hackers.

Instead,  Hackers Perform Their Attacks Only For Their Profit. That's Why Hacking And Penetration Testing are Different.

Conclusion : 

                     For Security Check, Penetration Testing Is Very Important. And Penetration Testing Is Different From Illegal Hacking.

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