What Is Nessus? And Why Nessus Is best for Beginners?

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 20, 2017 · 3 mins read
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Today, In This Post I am going To Tell You About What Is Nessus? And Why Nessus Is Best Choice For beginners?

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner Introduction

Q 1. What Is Nessus?

Ans. Nessus Is a Vulnerability Scanner, That Can Scan And Find Different Types Of Vulnerability In Any Machine. This Vulnerability Scanner Can Find Wide Range Of Vulnerability In Fastest, Reliable And Accurate Way. At This Time, Nessus is The World Most Popular And Leading Vulnerability Scanners. This Vulnerability Scanner is Develop And Maintain By Tenable Network Security. From Starting To Till date, Tenable Network Security is providing Nessus Tool free of Charge Only For Personal And Non-Enterprise Environment.

Q 2. What is Vulnerability Scanner mean?

Ans. Vulnerability Scanner Means Any Application Or Service That Can Find Different Types Of Vulnerability In Any Machine Is Called Vulnerability Scanners. These Types Of Scanners Helps System Or Machine Owner To Find Vulnerabilities In Their System That Can Cause Unauthorised Access Gain By any hackers Or Cracker. In Today's Time, Vulnerability Scanners Are Playing Major Role In Cyber Security.

Q 3. Why Nessus is Best for Beginners?

Ans. In my Personal Opinion, Nessus Is Best For Beginners Because Nessus provides You many types of valuable features, like
1. Fast Vulnerability Scanning
2. Wide Range Of Vulnerability Detection
3. Light Weight And Easy To Use
4. Free Of Charge For personal Use.
5. Browser Based Interface
6. Constantly Updated Libraries
7. Deep Set of Assignment Capabilities
8. Excellent Report System
9. Provides Reports In Many Formats
10. Available For All Type Of Operating Systems

And Several Other Features Also.

Q 4. Nessus Vulnerabilities Finding Capability?

Ans. Nessus Can Scan And Find Wide Range Of Vulnerabilities That Can Cause Harm For System. Let me tell some types Of vulnerabilities that can detected by Nessus Scan.

1. Remote Execution Vulnerabilities
2. Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
3. Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities
4. Misconfiguration
5. And Many Other Types of vulnerabilities.


                    If You are a Beginner In Learning Hacking And Have Not Tried Nessus, Yet. Then, firstly Give it a Try.

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