What Is online port scanner? and what are the usages Of online port scanner?

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 19, 2017 · 3 mins read
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                             Today, In This Post I Am Going To Write About What is Online Port Scanner, What Are The Usages Of Port Scanners, What Are The Best Online Port Scanners And Why To Use Online Port Scanners?

Q 1. What is Online Port Scanners?

Ans. Online Port Scanners are the Online Services That's allow you to Scan Online Host, Open And Close Ports Of Any Machine, And The Types Of Services Running On Ports. In Simple Words, Online Port Scanners Complete Works Like Normal Port Scanners that we use in our local system But The Online Difference Is. This Service Is A Web Based System Means This Service Works With The Web Networks Only. This Port Scanners provides use to find connected devices on Internet network Only.

Q 2. What Are The Usages Of Port Scanners?

Ans. Online Ports Scanners Provide Us many types Of Featues like Different Types Of Port Scanning Like Tcp Port Scanning, UDP port Scanning, SYN Port Scanning, IP Address Scanning, Ping Sweeping and Many Other Types Of Scanning But There Is One Big limitation is Also Present, This Scanning Online works On Web Networks Where Client, Target And Port Scanning Service Using Same Network For Connectivity. With The Web Based Port Scanner, You Can't Scan Local networks Or Private Networks.

Q 3. What Are The Best Online Port Scanners?.

Ans. There are many Online Port Scanners Are Avaliable On Internet. You Can Choose as your requirements. Here, I am not going to highlight any specific Website. You Can Search Many Types Of Port Scanners Online ... Nothing Big Deal. There Are many web-based port scanners are providing there facilities free of cost and some are charging some amount for their facilities. Depend On You, What You Want and How Much You can donate.

Q 4. Why To Use Online Port Scanners?

Ans. Online Port Scanners are the best utility to conform any IP Address Availability, Host Availability, Open And Close Ports Service On Internet. In Simple Words, With Web-Based Online Port Scanner You Can Conform Network Connectivity From All Over The World Especially The Connectivity Of Tcp Ports From Internet. You Just Need To Select Different Servers Of Web Based Port Scanners For Checking Network Connectivity.

Conclusion :

                         Online Port Scanners Are The Best Utility Available On Internet To Scanning Any Device, Network, Host, Machine Or Servers.

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