What Is DuckDuckGo? And How its Works? -Hacking Search Engine For Anonymous

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 17, 2017 · 4 mins read
hii readers,

Today, I am going To tell you about what is DuckDuckGo, how its works and Why DuckDuckGo is best for anonymous?

Q 1. What Is DuckDuckGo?

Ans. DuckDuckGo is a Search Engine that works like Google, Bing Or Yahoo! But The Main Feature of This Search Engine Is, This Search Engine Claims itself as "the search engine that doesn't track you". In Short, This Search Engine Promise Not to use any cookie for following or tracking any User.
DuckDuckGo also promise not to track anything of user, even IP Address Or Other Information.

Their Official Statement About User privacy

DuckDuckGo does not store any personal information, e.g. IP addresses or user agents:

see our privacy policy for details. We also have an encrypted (SSL) version, two non-JS

versions (HTML & lite), aTor hidden service (about), several privacy settings (including

POST & RefControl), and we allow you to use URL parameters instead of cookies to store


We’ve tried to explain the consequences of tracking as it applies to search results in

our donttrack.us and dontbubble.us infographics.

So, If you believe in privacy then, this search engine is right choice for you. With This Search Engine You Don't need To worry About You privacy and Searching Information.

Q 2. How DuckDuckGo Works?

Ans. DuckDuckGo works completely like normal Search Engines Means With DuckDuckGo, You Can Search You Content Or Result In the same way you search On Google. DuckDuckGo Is a Open Source Search Engine Project and  That's why Any one Can  Join Their Contributors team. You Will Be Amaze To Know That "DuckDuckGo is Complete Based On Open Source And Free Applications" Means For Creating DuckDuckGo Search Engine, DuckDuckGo Team used Completely Open Source Projects. And This Thing Also Make This Search Engine More Unique. This Search Engine Earn its Mainly Income From Advertisements. For Showing Advertisements, This Search Engine  Don't Track you activities, Instead This Search Engine Use Your Input Keyword For Showing you Related Advertisements and Search Result.

This search engine also not use any type of bubble filters. So, In DuckDuckGo Search Result You Will Find All Result Extracted directly From Raw Data.

And Their are many other features also.

Try DuckDuckGo  

Q 3. Why Hackers use DuckDuckGo as a Default Search Engine?.

Ans. As I Already Described In Previous Lines. DuckDuckGo Is Completely Open Source. That's means there is nothing hidden behind the Search Engine. And Also, This Search Engine Don't Track You. So, you can use this Search Engine for searching anything without worring about privacy or tracking. DuckDuckGo also provides you end-to-end anonymous, encrypted searching and their results. For This Feature, In DuckDuckGo You Just need To Enter proxy domain into DuckDuckGo. and that will automatically create an encrypted, secure route using proxy between user and Search Engine

                    DuckDuckGo Is Best Search Engine For Suffering On Internet Anonymously.

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