what is AES Encryption Algorithm and How Secure is?

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 17, 2017 · 3 mins read
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In This Post, I am going to describe about what is AES Encryption And How Secure is AES Encryption.

Q 1. What Is AES?

Ans. AES (Advance Encryption Standard) is one type of special algorithm created to encrypt digital data that can not be read by third party with out having password. In AES Encryption Their are Several Block Sizes are Available For Encryption. With AES Encryption, Anyone Can Encrypt its Data Using A Password. A Password is a string of character used to lock or locking Encryption. In Modern World, This AES Encryption is Best Way To Store Data Securely In Any Place Or To Transmit Data From One Point To Another Point. In This Encryption, First User Use A Password To Encrypted Data In Ciphers And Then Second User Also Use Same password for Decrypting Data. In Modern Life, This Encryption Plays Major role In Storing  Confidently Data And Securing Them For Public

what is encryption and decryption?

Ans. Encryption is a cryptography process, In which we convert our data in particular secure form for preventing original data from third party or public. and its Reverse Process is Called Decryption.

How secure is AES Encryption.

AES is a modern way to Encrypt Data. Many Banking Facilities, Government Agencies are using this encryption to store their data in safe Environment. This Encryption also supports 128, 192, 256 block size.


                        AES Is best algorithm For Encryption and Decryption.

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