What is google dorks? and why hackers use Them?

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 16, 2017 · 5 mins read
have you ever thought how hackers finds their victim sites easily? and how they find specific results from internet instantly?

hii readers,

Today, In this post, I am going to describe about What is Google dorks and Why Hackers use them. 

Google Dorks

Google Dork is a special string for finding any specified or restricted result from any specified website or from whole Internet with the help of Google Search Engine. This Strings are built with the advanced search operators supported by Google Search Engine. Normally, Google Dorks are used by security researchers, network admins, web developers, IT Professionals and other Networking Experts For Finding Their Filtered limited results.

In Simple Words, Google Dork is a sequence of character that can be use for finding any type of Exact Or Restricted Result Or File With the help of Google Search Engine. For Example: With Google Dork, You Can Find any specified file downloading link directly in Google Search Engine Result Page.

Now, Let Me Show You Some Commonly Used Search Engine Operators But First, I Want To Declare That I Will Not Take Any Type Of Responsibility So, Use These Dorks On your Own Responsibility.  

Commonly Used Google Dorks

Site :

 This operator help to get our result from any certain domain name Or Url.


                 "site:www.examlpesite.com" other_query

Inurl :

  Allow us to find specified URLs that contain provided queries or string in it. 

                 "inurl:login.php" other_query

Filetype :

            Find Links Of Files That Contain User Specified File Extensions.

                 "filetype:mp3" song_name

Intext :

 Find Webpages that contain provided string in its data.

                 "intext:text" additional_query

Intitle :

Find Webpages that contain provided title in its title string.

                 "intitle:text_string" aditional_query

And Several others

Why hacker's use Them?

Google Dork Is really very Powerful Way To Finding Any Specified Content On Internet Because Google Search Engine Constantly Store Screen shots Of Millions Of Sites In its Database. For This Purpose, Google Search Engine use specialised crawler called Google Bot. This Crawler is responsible to take and store screen shot of all websites and their data also. Google Bot is very high speed and best in following links for crawling. So, Mostly All Websites admins normal use robot.txt  to disallow Google Bot to crawl In Any Specified Page Or In Whole Website That Contain Any Private Data Or Confidential Data. But Their is one more face of this situation. Many times Google Bot Crawl In Private Webpages, Vulnerable Pages or Any Private Data File Even After Having No Permission Or Because, Website s Many Times Forget To Disallow Google Bot And This Cause, Google Bot to Store That Private Data In its Server.

Hackers use Google Dorks To Find Confidential Data Crawled By Google Bot And These Dorks Helps Hackers To Find Many Types Of Data From Sites Include :

  • Vulnerable Pages Or Content, 
  • Passwords Leaks, 
  • Websites Config files,
  • Banking Forms And Emails
  • Health Related Reports
  • Many Types of reports
  • Login Pages,
  • Login Pages Errors, 
  • Website Errors, 
  • Website File & Folder Directory Structure,
  • Server Information's
  • and many other type of data also.

Google Dorks, Many Times Makes Hacking Easy For Hackers

With The Help Of Google Dorks, Hacker Can Find Victims Easily For Performing There Hacking Attacks. Victim Material Like

  • Hacked servers,
  • Loopholes of any websites,
  • Vulnerable service of any website, 
  • Emails For spamming, 
  • Information Gathering 
  • Banking Details,
  • Access To Online Connected Devices
  • Access To Online Connected Camera Device
  • Access To Online Connected IOT
  • and Other Juice Things.


                         Google Dork is really Very Interesting And Powerful Way Of Finding any Specified Content On Internet.