Python Tkinter Tutorials Complete And Ultimate Series - Python MagicStick Text Editor - Introdunction Part

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 12, 2017 · 9 mins read
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MagicStick Text Editor Tutorial Introduction.

This is our Introduction Part of Creating A Text Editor Using Python and Tkinter GUI Module. In This Tutorials Series, i will show you how to make different things with python tkinter module.

In Order To Create A User readersly Application Or Program We always needs a Graphical User  Interface Because With Graphical User Interface Any User Can Use Your Program Very Easily.  And In Python Programming There Are Many Libraries Available For Creating GUI. But Here, I Will Show You How To Use Tkinter Module Efficiently and How To Create Any Useful and rich feature Application.

Some Basic Questions Related To Tkinter Module.

Q 1. What Is Tkinter?

Ans. Tkinter is python's standard GUI (Graphical User Interface) package Used for creating Graphical Interface  in python. Tkinter is  a thin object-oriented layer on top of Tcl/Tk. Tkinter Is Not Only One GUI Package Which Can Be used for creating cross-platform graphic interface, their are many more available on internet like wxpython, pygame and many more. but important thing is that Tkinter is Standard GUI library package of python. And That's why In Mostly System, you don't need to install Tkinter Module Separately Because tkinter is mostly comes with pre installed package.

Some features of Python Tkinter module .

  • Easy To Code
  • Cross Platform supported
  • Pre Installed package
  • Good Documentation Provided By Python Official website.
  • Rich Widget Available.
  • Written In C/C++.
  • Many Books And Examples Already Available in market. etc.. etc..

Q 2. Why Create A Text Editor Using Python Tkinter Module?

Ans. Python Tkinter Topic Is very Lengthy and complex. That's why Tkinter is very difficult to understand without practical examples. So, Here To Make It Easy to Understand I will create many type of different gadgets and functions in tkinter that can help you to understand Tkinter Module Functions. And During These Tutorials Series We will also learn to create a full featured Python Text Editor ( Named MagicStick Text Editor ) That Can Do all type of functions as  normal editors do.

Q 3. Required Features In Our Magic Stick Text Editor Project.

1. Completely Based On Tkinter and Some in-built python Module
2. Cross-platform supported
3. Easy to use
4. Lightweight
5. Good look and Easy in Customise
6. Easy for Modifications 
7. Key-Board Shortcut Supported 
8. Font Selection panel.
9. Syntax high light Feature.
And Many More.

Q 4. How This Text Editor Will Work?.

In This Editor, For GUI Support We Will Use Python Tkinter Module. This Module Provides us rich collection of beautiful widgets. To make This Text Editor Easy-to-modify, easy-to-maintain and Easy-to-under.  We will use a well - organised Object Orient Programming structure that can provide us ability to add external functions script and as well as internal functions Easily. And To Make This Project More Easy We will Divide Our Functions In Many Files.

Here, To Start Our MagicStick Project You need to create Some files and folders. Follow Below Steps.

1. Create a folder and rename "MagicStick_Editor_Part_0"

2. Now Create 2 files and 1 folder and rename it
       "About.txt" , "" (Files)
       "magicsticklibs"            (Folder)

3. Create 4 Python Empty Scripts In magicsticklibs folder, rename it

Now, Compare Your Project Directory With My Project Directory Structure, Given Below.

# My Curent Directory files and folders

|---> About.txt
|---> magicsticklibs
| |
| |--->
| |
| |--->
| |
| |--->
| |
| |--->

This Introduction Post Ends Here,

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Or You Can Also Download Our Updated Example Codes Of Python MagicStick Text Editor Project For Understanding This Project More Clearly.

Check Here Our Github Repo

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