4 Steps to learn Python Programming language?

Posted by Suraj Singh on May 10, 2017 · 5 mins read
Are you want to be a Python Programmer? but don't know how to learn Python Programming? if yes then you are in right place.

hii readers,

Here, In This Post I will share with you my some tips and tricks for learning python programming. Now, In Today's Digital Life, Value And Popularity Of Python Programming is increasing rapidly. More and more companies now wants to make their Software's in python language and the result, python programming community is increasing rapidly. So, That's Why Python programming Is More Important To Learn For Programmers, Penetration Testers, Ethical Hackers And Many Others.

Basic Queries About Python Programming

Python Programming : 

                           Python Programming Is a powerful high-level scripting language with Many Fantastic Features like

  • Object Oriented programming, 
  • Easy To Use Syntax
  • Beautiful Documentation In Official Website,
  • Cross-Platform Codes Supported
  • Etc.

Python Programming language is created by Guido van Rossum. Now, This Programming Language is Supported by Thousands Of Programmers and Hackers. Python Programming Communities is giving their best to make python programming more reliable, stable and easy to use.

Why Python Is Best For Beginners?

Python is very Easy To Use, Cross Platform Code Supported, High Level Language and Beautiful Object Oriented Programming Language That's why Syntax in Python are very easy to write if you compare with other programming languages like C/C++, Java and Many Others.  One Of the best features is the availability of tons of external libraries available for doing different tasks in computers. So, don't worry just give it a try!

4 Steps For Learning Python Programming

1. Strong Mind And Determination 

Python is really very easy but only if you compare with others. In Order to be a Expert Python Programmer You Need Strong mind to do very hard work. In Indian Language here is very beautiful quote "Mehnt Ka Phhal Mitha Hota H" means Hard Work Always Gives A Sweet Result.
So, Don't lose your hope to learn python programming and boom! you got success.

2. Learning

In Starting, first of all I will Suggest You To Read Official Python Programming Website Documentations Because Official Documentation Of Python Is Excellent. Yes! Excellent. and if  you are not feeling comfortable with python official documentation then you can also take a try with other python programming based resources like websites, blog, forums, books and videos tutorials.

Books And Blogs Are Also Very Useful Resource To Learn Python Programming Because They Also Provides Good Examples That are written in Easy To Understand Language.
And You can also Join Stackoverflow or Quora Because The Community of these websites is very large and you can also use google, Mostly In Google, You Will Find Your Programming Solution in StackOverFlow. Because StackOverFlow have millions Of programming solutions.

3. Practise

Practise always make a man perfect. So, Just do practise, practise and practise. In Starting of programming, Just try to understand small examples given all over the Internet and after learning some programming,  give a try to create new tools with limited knowledge Because with your limited knowledge you will learn how to do big coding with limited resource.

4. Projects

In The End, This Point is one of the most Important point because you can't get or find all information in books, websites or blog instead you have to earn that knowledge yourself.  So, Always, Try To Join Open Source Project Because These Projects Improves you programming Skills And Capabilities.

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