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                  Today, I am Going To Show You What Is Fedora and What are the Features Of Fedora Operating System?

As you can see, now in modern life, Linux popularity is increasing rapidly because Linux is one of the most stable, secure and reliable operating system available on this planet. Millions of Peoples, Companies, Organisations and Other professionals already using Linux. Linux is an Open Source Operating System that is available for many purposes. Many types of other devices also using Linux operating systems like smart phones, home desktops, small computers, Internet of things, technical gadgets and much more.

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Q 1. What Is Fedora?.

Ans. Fedora Is a Linux Distribution Based On Linux Operating System, Developed By Fedora Project Community And Sponsered By Red Hat. The First Fedora was Released In November 2003. Fedora completely free for personal use. Fedora Contains Free Distributed Softwares and Fedora Provides Us a free computing platform that is supported by fedora community and Red Hat Enterprise. As Of February, Fedora Estimated 1.2 Million users.

Q 2. Why Fedora is Best For Personal Computers?.

Ans. Officially, Fedora is completely free for personal use. Fedora is very stable, secure and user-readersly. Fedora has a unique reputation, for focusing on latest technology and new innovations. Fedora Community is Rapidly Developing and Updating Fedora Features. And Fedora Also Provides Us Good list of Different Desktop Environment including

  • GNOME (Default)
  • KDE,
  • XFCE,
  • LXDE,
  • MATE,
  • Cinnamon,
  • And Much More.

Fedora provides us a very good level security and many new features. Fedora comes with wide range of software. and almost all software are under free distribution license.  Software Can be installed using the DNF Package Manager.

Pre-Installed Programs

Fedora comes with many pre-installed software and programs such as

  • FireFox Web Browser, 
  • Libre Office Suite, 
  • PDF Viewer
  • Games
  • Programming Support
  • and much more.

Fedora is focused on delivering latest technology and innovations. Fedora is stable, solid, secure and very good looking. additionally, fedora also works on the latest Linux kernel. Fedora Supports many architectures including Intel i686, AMD x86-x64, ARM-hfp, ARM AArch64, MIPS-64el, IBM Z, IBM Power64, IBM Power64le and much more.

Q 3. Why Fedora Is Easy To Setup?

Ans.  Fedora Linux also comes in live ISO Images because live images are easy to burn to CD/DVD and copy to USB drives. fedora also provides us wide list of hardware supported. And One of the best features of these images is, 
These  Linux images allow the user to run Fedora in 2 ways.
          live mode from removable media.
         another way is to install a full Fedora operating system to the computer hard disk from the removable media.

Q 4. What Are The Best Features Of Fedora Operating System?

  • Available For Many architectures.
  • Reliable and Stable
  • Secure with unique security features
  • Very PowerFull Firewall
  • Easy To Use 
  • Large Community Support
  • Actively Developing
  • Open Source Project
  • Good Look
  • Live Mode
  • Good Internet Experience
  • And Much More

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