what is cryptography and cipher? and why advance cipher is important for digital life? - cryptography - Introduction

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                  Today, we will talk about what is cryptography? and why cipher is important for digital life?

Q 1. what is cryptography?

Ans Cryptography is a special technique for securing and hiding data in the presence of the third party is called cryptography. In Cryptography, we try to create a secure communication between two parties. that prevent the third party or the public from reading and process data. In simple word, Cryptography is a special method of storing and transmitting data in a secure form so that only those for whom it is intended can read and process it. In the modern age, Digital cryptography is used for Encryption, Decryption, Cryptographic hash calculation and much more.

Q 2. How Cryptography Works?

Ans. Modern Cryptography is very advance, heavy and fast. Generally, In Cryptography we convert our data in particular secure form that is only possible to decrypt by using a secret key. Modern Cryptography using advance mathematical theories, advance algorithms, computer science and many other techniques. and that's why these algorithms are hard to break in practice. Modern Cryptography is actively increasing its security and also filling its loop hole. In digital life, Cryptography Allow People to carry their confidential data secure in the physical world as well as in the digital world. Cryptography Provides us power to secure our data from public or from the third party. 

Q 3. what is cipher?

Ans.  Cipher is an important part of cryptography. A Cipher is a special algorithm that is design for performing Encryptions and Decryption. Cipher algorithm is a series of well-defined steps that can be followed to perform an Encryption and Decryption. In Simple Words, Cipher Is a collection of code that is used to encrypt or decrypt our data. Generally, The Concept Behind Cipher is, We Use a key to encrypt a data and the same key is needed to decrypt that same data.    
In Cryptography,
                           Original Data is known as plain text and encrypted data is known as cipher text. The Cipher Text is an encrypted message that contains original data but without decryption, it is not in a form of readable by human and computers also. And for Decryption, We need the same key, which is used to encrypt data.

Q 4. what is encryption and decryption?

Ans. Encryption is a cryptography process, In which we convert our data in particular secure form for preventing original data from third party or public. and its Reverse Process is Called Decryption.

In Modern Age,
                      There are many types of Encryption/Decryption algorithms are available.

Some of them are

  • AES-256 (Advance Encryption Standard 256 bit),
  • ARC2,
  • ARC4,
  • Blowfish,
  • CAST,
  • DES (Data Encryption Standard)
  • DES3,
  • XOR,
  • And Much more.

Q 5. Why Advance Cipher Is Important for digital life?.

Ans. In Modern Age, Advance Cipher Allow People to carry their confidential data secure in the physical as well as in the digital world. Cryptography Provides us power to secure our data from the public. With The Help of Digital Cryptography Millions of peoples transmitting and storing their data, whether it is through Emails, Social Sites, Bank Sites, On line Accounts, E-Commerce, ATM Machines and many other also. This growth of digital life has lead to an increase reliance on Advance Cipher and Cryptography.

Generally, Cryptography Provides us three core facilities that protect us from data thefts and from unauthorized use of our data.
These Three Core Facilities Are

  • Confidentiality
  • Authentication
  • Integrity


                  As I Already Describe Above. With Advance Cipher You Can Keep Your Data Confidential From Public Easily.


                 Authentication is a special process in cryptography that provides as an identity certificate which is also called digital IDs and these digital IDs help us to identity that User is authorized or unauthorized.


           Integrity Provides us another certificate called digital signature. This digital signature helps us to ensure that identify the user. 

Q 6. How Many Digital fields are based on cryptography?

Ans.  Their are many fields, which are using Cryptography.
Some of Them Are Given Below

  • Social Sites
  • Digital Database
  • Authentication
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • ATM Machines
  • Online Banking Sites
  • Online Emails
  • Online Data Storage.
  • Phones
  • Small Electronics
  • Cable TV
  • Computers
  • Data Distribution
  • Online Education
  • Research
  • and Much More.

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