what is linux mint? and what are the features of linux mint?

Posted by Suraj Singh on April 04, 2017 · 5 mins read
are you want to try new operating system? or any new Linux distro? if yes! then, keep reading!.

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                         In Today's tutorial, we will discuss what is Linux mint? and what are the features of Linux mint? 


                    As I already described you in my previous tutorial that how Linux is one of the best, secure, stable, light-weight and fast operating system used by 99.6% supercomputers, network servers. Many types of other devices also use Linux operating systems like smart phones, home desktops, small computers, Internet of things, technical gadgets and much more.

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Linux Kernel

so, let's start today's topic with some basic questions.

Q 1. What Is Linux Mint?

Ans.   Linux Mint is a Debian and Ubuntu Based Operating System and actively developed by the Linux Mint Team and world wide Linux community.  Linux Mint is also open source Linux distribution used by millions of peoples. 

Linux Mint is known for its modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both easy to use and powerful. 

Linux mint also provides complete multimedia support to its user because Linux Mint Comes With Some Pre-installed Multimedia Software and With a Wide range of multimedia and other related softwares. and You Can Download these software's using package manage of Linux mint. One of the interesting things is that almost all these software's are free of cost and open source. Making exceptions for some proprietary software's, such as Adobe Flash and some other also.

Q 2. Features Of Linux Mint

Ans. As I Already described you in my previous answer that Linux mint is completely free and open source. so, you don't need to spend any money to run Linux mint in your system. 

Linux mint Cinnamon and MATE desktop environment support many types of different languages. and Linux mint also supports many popular desktop environments. 

Some of them given below.

  • Cinnamon
  • KDE
  • Xfce
  • MATE
  • and much more

                           Linux mint team and community is actively developing software for its operating systems and one of the impressive thing for me is that most of these tools are written in python programming language. Impressive because python programming language is my favorite.

Linux mint comes with wide range of software's installed that includes

  • Web Browser (Fire fox), 
  • LibreOffice (Office Suite), 
  • Thunderbird, 
  • Vlc Media Player
  • GIMP Image Editor
  • PDF Reader,
  • Transmission
  • HexChat
  • Pidgin
  • and much other softwares. 

you can also download more software easily using Linux mint package manger.

Now, Some Important Features On Linux Mint In Points.

  • Pre-installed Office Software's
  • Good Internet Experience
  • Good looks 
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Works Fast
  • Very Secure
  • Good Multimedia Support
  • Completely Free To Use
  • Available In Different Desktop Environment
  • Linux Mint Offers Thousand of app. free to use
  • Supports many languages.
  • Available in many flavors
  • Large Community Support
  • Actively Developing New Features.
  • And Much More.

In The End, Of this article. 
                    I will suggest you to give a try to Linux mint operating system. because Linux mint distributions are lightweight, easy to use, powerful and completely free to use. so, you don't need to spend any money for trying Linux mint.

you can visit Linux mint official website here.