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Posted by Suraj Singh on March 22, 2017 · 8 mins read
hii readers,
                                      Today's Article is about what is python regular expression?. and how to use regular expression in python?.


today's post is completely for my new visitors because many of new visitors of my blog. requested me to 
create tutorial on python regular expression.

first of all, for new visitors... welcome to my blog.

and second, 

i am glad to inform you that i already published 5 part of tutorial series completely depend on python 

regular expression and some practical examples also.

so, if you are new visitor. then first check my tutorial here.

In these tutorial, i am describing about what is regular expression? / How to use regular expression? / 

Different Usages of python regular expressions? / Table Of Useful symbols and string? and lot of 

practical examples also.

so, just check this articles links fastly and leave comment below,

 how these tutorials helpful for you.

and if you want some practical example.

then, check it here

and for more. example. 

yeah yeah.. check index.

so readers, i think this is enough for today.

In my next tutorial, i will show you more staff written in python language.

so, stay tuned with us.

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