Solution - permission denied and you are not the owner

Posted by Suraj Singh on January 11, 2017 · 3 mins read
Hello readers,

                     This post is all about how to solve  “You are not the owner…” error message problem when trying to access folder any file Or Folder. Actually, This Type of Problem is Normal for Linux Platform. That's Why Today I am Sharing Solution.

So, here it is;

Try This Command:

sudo chmod -R -f 777 path/to/file

This Command Always Works For Me; As Example Check Below

For More Info Visit Here :

Congratulation! Your Problem Is Solved......

Q . Now Question Comes In Our Mind, Why This Problem Occurs?

Ans. Linux, like UNIX, is a multi-user system and file permissions are one way the system protects against malicious tampering. ... That means you can specify who is allowed to read the file, write to the file, or (if it is an application instead of a text file) who can execute the file.

 I Hope Now You Got it.