Download Highly Compressed Wordlist 29 Gb (Compressed in 33MB)

Posted by Suraj Singh on January 06, 2017 · 8 mins read

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Today, I Received Mail About Wordlist And Their Huge Size.
Many Internet Users Have Low Internet Speed And Small DATA Pack.

 Wordlist Usage

A dictionary attack using a wordlist relies on the fact that most users choose weak passwords. Very common passwords include password,computer, work, and most of the popular female names.

Common Dictionary Attacks Using A Wordlist

The most common uses for wordlists are auditing windows passwords and Unix passwords.
It is also possible to use a wordlist to recover passwords on documents and files, such as Zip passwords.
In fact, a wordlist can be used to to attempt a dictionary attack against any system which allows repetitive login attempts, such as SSH or POP3.

So,  I Search For Wordlist On Internet And I Founded A Good Wordlist Size 29 Gb (Compressed In 33 Mb).
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For Downloading Click Here
Password:- ihos
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