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Create Simple Tic Tac Toe Game In Pure C Language.

Hello Friends,

Welcome Again To My Blog. Today, In This Post I am going to share another Example Script of Simple Game Tic Tac Toe Written in Pure C Language. Well, Actually I wrote this script just for Fun and interesting point is This, In This Script I Tried To Wrote In Minimum But Readable Way. I'm hoping that if you are new in C Programming And Wondering How We Can Play With C programming than This Script Going To Give You Good Taste Of C Programming.

System Requirements.

Nothing, That Much Just A C Compiler. Here, I Used GCC.

How it's working

Well I Used An Array List To Keep Record Of Game Status And Few If And Else Conditions To Find Game Status. Simple, Like A Piece Of Cake Nothing Difficult To Understand.

Here Are My Code.

Tic Tac Toe Game In C

Author  : Suraj Singh Bisht
Email   :
Description : Trying To Write, Tic Tac Toe Game In Minimum Lines
Compile Command : gcc ExampleScript.c -o a.out && ./a.out 

// Include modules
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>


// array to keep remember
char s[9] = {'.','.','.','.','.','.','.','.','.'};
int turn=0;

// 0 1 2
// 3 4 5
// 6 7 8

// game status
int status(char p){
 // complete rail of conditions
 if ((s[0]==s[1] && s[1]==s[2] && s[0]==p)||(s[3]==s[4] && s[4]==s[5] &&\
  s[5]==p)||(s[6]==s[7] && s[7]==s[8] && s[8]==p)||(s[0]==s[3] && \
  s[3]==s[6] && s[6]==p)||(s[1]==s[4] && s[4]==s[7] && s[7]==p)||(s[2]==s[5]\
  && s[5]==s[8] && s[8]==p)||(s[0]==s[4] && s[4]==s[8] && s[8]==p)||(s[6]==s[4]\
  && s[4]==s[2] && s[2]==p)){
  return 1;
 return 0;


// display board function
void displayboard(void){
 // clear display
 // print board
 printf("\n\n %c | %c | %c ---->   0 | 1 | 2 \n-------------\n %c | %c | %c ---->   3 | 4 | 5 \n-------------\n %c | %c | %c ---->   6 | 7 | 8  \n\n\n", s[0],s[1],s[2],s[3],s[4],s[5],s[6],s[7],s[8]);

// check array input
int checkinput(int i){
 if (i<9){
   return 1;}
  return 0;
 };return 0;

// Players Turn
int player(char p){
 int ret=0;
 // show display
 // Input value space
 int i;
 // print about player
 printf("[+] Player [%c] This is Your Turn\n[+] Now Insert Your New Mark Index Number : ", p);
  // scan variable
  scanf("%d", &i);
 }while( !isdigit(i) && !checkinput(i) );
 // Insert mark
 turn += 1;
  printf("[-] Game Tie.\n");
  printf("!!Winner!!, Player [%c] is winner.\n", p); 
        // print va variable
        printf("[+] Player [%c], Your Index Accepted : %d , Turn No. %d",p, i, turn);
 // return value
 return ret;

// Trigger
int main(){
 // Display Status
 // while loop
  // first player turn
  // second player turn

To Compile Codes In Linux, Type In Terminal
gcc path_to_source_code -o output_file_name



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