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Simple Calculate Argument Program In Assembly Language

Hello Friends,

Welcome Again To My Blog. I hope You all are Enjoying Series of Assembly Tutorials. So, Today Again I am going To share another mind blowing Example Of assembly codes in which program takes integer as command line argument, perform calculation after converting ascii into integer and again, To Print Convert into ASCII.

I hope, you will enjoy it. and yes! you can also download my all assembly codes from my Github Repo. Github Repo Link Given At Last, Of This Post.

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Simple Calculate Argument Program In Assembly

;       Number Calculating Example
; author : suraj singh bisht
; Email  :
; Program Will Take Numbers To Calculate From Command Line argument
%include 'DigitPrinter_without_start.asm'
; ====================================================
;              [ Includable File]
; Functions:
;       _strlen
;       _exit
;       _print
;       _printline
;              [ Includable File]
; Functions:
;       _printsingle
;       _printdigit
; Function:
; _asciitointeger
; ====================================================
; Don't forget to add this into .bss section
;  digitprintersave resb 255;

; ASCII to Integer Converting Subroutine
 ; Input
 ; EAX = Address of ASCII number
 ; Output
 ; EAX = Number

 push ebx ; Save Registers
 push ecx
 push edx

 ; make sure all registers are empty
 xor ecx, ecx ; SET ecx = 0 [Take keep numbers ]
 xor ebx, ebx ; Set EBX = 0 [To Take Small Bytes From ASCII Array]
 xor edx, edx ; Set EDX = 0 [Keep Record of Iteration]
 mov esi, eax ; ESI = EAX
 xor eax, eax ; EAX = 0; From now EAX will store digit
 mov ecx, 10 ; Multiplication Digit

; iterate Subroutine
 xor ebx, ebx    ; EBX = 0
 mov bl, [esi]                   ; Load Byte

 ;cmp bl, 0;   ; Compare Byte of EBX and Zero
 ;je _returnasciitointeger ; Return Routine

 cmp bl, 48            ; compare ebx register's lower half value against ascii value 48 (char value 0)
     jl _returnasciitointeger ; Return Routine

 cmp bl, 57   ; compare if ebx is greater than
 jg _returnasciitointeger ; Return Routine

 mul ecx    ; Multiply EAX*ECX
        sub bl, 48                      ; Subtract ASCII Code Increased
        add eax, ebx                    ; EAX = EAX + EBX
        inc esi                         ; Increase Routine
        jmp _iterateasciitointeger      ; Repeat

 ;mov eax, 20 ; Just Checking
 pop edx  ; pop save registers
 pop ecx
 pop ebx

; Sub Routine To Iterate Argument
 ; Bascially, Number Of Argument And Address of Argument String, Already Comes Into The Stack
 ; [Because Operating Pass This And other types of data also as Environment.]
 ; So, We Just Need To Extract Data From Stack

 ; Get Stack Pointer Address
 mov eax, esp   ; EAX = ESP

 ; Increase Memory Address
 add eax, 4   ; Increase EAX

 ; Get Number of Argument
 mov ebx, [eax]   ; EBX = Number of Argument

 ; Set Pointer To Arguments Start Address
 add eax, 8   ; Arguments

 ; Now, WE Have EBX = Numbers of Arguments
 ; and EAX = [arg1, arg2, arg3] (all arg1-3 are addresses of real data)
 push eax    ; Address of Stack
 push ebx    ; Number of argument
 push ecx   ; Save Values of Registers 
 push edx   ; Save Values of Registers
 xor edx,edx
 xor ecx, ecx   ; ECX = 0
 inc ecx    ; Than Increase +1

; Sub routine To Iterate Arguments
 ; Now, From Here
 ; EAX = Address of Argument Address Into Stack
 ; EBX = Total Number of Argument
 ; ECX = Number of Arguments Processed
 cmp ecx, ebx   ; compare number of arguments with iteration routine

 ; Jump if No Arguments Left
 je _calculateargumentReturn ; Jump if Equal Then Call _calculateargumentReturn

 push eax   ; Save Value Into Stack 
 push ebx   ; Save Value Into Stack
 mov eax, [eax]   ; EAX = Load Argument Address
 mov esi, eax   ;
 ; Here, Our Iterated Argument Value Address is Available At EAX
 ;call _printline   ; Print Argument

 mov eax, newline  ; Load '\n'
 call _print   ; print '\n'

 mov eax, string0  ; Load String
 call _print   ; print string

 mov eax, esi   ; EAX = ESI
 call _asciitointeger  ; Call ASCII to Integer Conversion Subroutine
 add edx, eax   ; Add to EDX

 ; Check If Conversion Successful
 call _printdigit  ; Print Digit Subroutine

 ; Futher Process
 pop ebx    ; 
 pop eax    ; POP EAX Saved Value
 add eax, 4   ; Point To next Argument address into stack
 inc ecx    ; Increase Number of Argument Process Register Value
 jmp _iterateargument  ; Repeat

 mov eax, newline  ; Load '\n'
 call _print   ; print '\n'

 mov eax, string1  ; Load String
 call _print   ; Print String

 mov eax, edx   ; EAX = EBX
 call _printdigit  ; Print Digit On Screen

 mov eax, newline  ; Load '\n'
 call _print   ; print '\n'

 pop edx    ; POP saved values
 pop ecx    ; POP saved value
 pop ebx    ; Retrive Registers Values
 pop eax    ; Pop Saved Values

; section .bss
 argumentsum resb 200 ; Save Here Sum
  digitprintersave resb 255;

; section .data
 string0  db "[+] Your Inserted Argument Number : ", 0h ; String Decleare
 string1  db "[+] Your All Arguments SUM        : ", 0h ; String Decleare
 newline  db " ",0Ah,0h ; New line

; section .text
 global _start  ; GCC linker Requirement

; Trigger
 call _calculateargument ; call iterateargument subroutine
 jmp _exit  ; jmp routine

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