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Create Simple Division Program In Assembly Language

Hi Friends,

Welcome Again To My Blog. Friends, Today I am going to Share Another Assembly language Example Program, Where I Programmed My Program To Take One Input From User, Then Check If Its Completely Divisible By 3 And 5 Both Number And Also Print Back Then Result over The Terminal.

Super Simple To Understand.
I hope, you will enjoy it. and yes! you can also download my all assembly codes from my Github Repo. Github Repo Link Given At Last, Of This Post.

By The Way, If you Are new And Don't Know How To Start, Compile Or Run?
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Here, its my code

Simple Division Program in Assembly Language

;  Write A Program, That Takes User Input And Tell,
;  Input Number is Divisible By 3 And 5
; author: Suraj Singh Bisht
; Email :
%include 'CalculateArguments_without_start.asm'
; ====================================================
;              [ Includable File]
; Functions:
;       _strlen
;       _exit
;       _print
;       _printline
; Don't Forget To Create A Space in .bss Section 
;       SECTION bss:
;        save    resb    255;
;              [ Includable File]
; Functions:
;       _printsingle
;       _printdigit
; Function:
;       _asciitointeger
; ====================================================
; Don't forget to add this into .bss section
;       digitprintersave        resb    255;

; section .bss
 digitprintersave        resb    255;
 space resb 255 ; Blank Space

; section data
 string00  db  0Ah, "[+] Enter Your Number   : ", 0h  ;
 string11  db 0Ah, "[+] User Entered Number : ", 0h  ;
 string12  db 0Ah, "[+] Is Divisible By "
 string13  db " : ",0h
 stringT   db " True.",0Ah, 0h
 stringF   db " False.",0Ah, 0h

; section text
 global _start ; Linker

 ; Input :
 ; EAX = Number
 ; EBX = Dividend
 ; Output:
 ; EAX =  0 or 1+ Remainder
 push ecx ; Save Register
 push edx ;
 push ebx ;
 xor edx, edx
 div ebx  ; Perfrom Division
 pop ebx  ;

 mov eax, string12;
 call _print;

 mov eax, ebx;
 call _printdigit;

 mov eax, string13
 call _print;

 cmp edx, 0 ; Compare Remainder
 jne _notdivisible;

 mov eax, stringT
 call _print

 mov eax, 1
 jmp _checkdivisionreturn ;

 mov eax, stringF
 call _print

 mov eax, 0

 pop edx  ; POP Registers
 pop ecx

 ; print string
 mov eax, string00  ;
 call _print   ;

 ; Take User input
 mov eax, 3   ; Invoke SYS_READ
 mov ebx, 1   ; stdin
 mov ecx, space   ; user space
 mov edx, 255   ; Size
 int 80h    ; kernel interpt

 ; print string
 mov eax, string11  ;
 call _print   ;

 ; perform ascii to integer conversion subroutine
 mov eax, space
 call _asciitointeger
 call _printdigit
 push eax
 mov ebx, 3
 call checkdivisionby
 pop eax
 mov ebx, 5
 call checkdivisionby

 ret    ; Return

 call calculateUserinputDivision  ;
 jmp _exit     ; Exit Routine

Please Check Github For Latest Error Free Examples Codes. Click here

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