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Guest Blogging Offer For Spammers

Guest Blogging

Well, This Post is Completely Related To Guest Blogging Spammers. Actually, From Few Days, I am noticing that The Numbers Of Spam Comments in Bitforestinfo Blog Comment Sections are Increasing Rapidly And Yes! I don't like it so I am also Removing Rapidly But The Question is Why?

Why Spammers are targeting my blog again and again?. 

Well, They are trying this Concept again and again because they Don't Believe On Google Searching Power. Well I Think Because They Want Success immediately and Another Point Is,

Why I am offering this?

In Past Few Years Their Was A Time When My Blog Was Also a Beginners Blog and I also feels bad for me because of low audience stats but the Interesting thinks is that, I never Used This Comment Spamming Concept And Technique in my Blog Growth. Instead, I Just Posted My Unique Content On My Blog.

I Know The Frustration Of Beginners Blog Authors Because  In Beginning all bloggers do there best to make there blog successful but unwanted results make them depressed or Obsessed for Success. hence, Today, Through This Post, I am going to Offer This Opportunity to All New Bloggers. Don't Skip Any Question.

Guest Blogging Opportunity

Q 1. So, You Really Want Back link From My Blog To Your Blog?.

Ans. Well, It's Not that Easy Because Nothing is Free In This World So, You have to earn this opportunity through your content writing power Or Programming Passion.
Instead of Spam Comment And Spam Email, Write Unique Content For My Blog And Provide your And your Blog Initials In the End Of that Post. Easy! Try To Impress Our Blog Audience through your writing power so, that audience like to visit on your blog also. you can also Post your Pre-Written Programming Codes With brief Explanation So That our audience can learn something new.

Q 2  Wait. Wait. Wait.. Let me Clear Some Points Before Your Day Dreaming.!

Ans. Keep In Mind. I Never Used This Types Of Techniques To Gain Popularity I Earn All My Audience On my Own. So, Here You Can Understand How Much I Care About My Audience. So, Below Are Some Points You Need To Keep In your mind about that guest blogging post.

  1. You can't Post Direct Link To You Blog. (Instead Use Your Email Id, You Name Or You Can Also Suggest Peoples To Search About Your Blog On Google Search Because I Don't Want To Risk My Google Ranking Just For Anyone Low Rank Blog But Yes! One Option is available Check Below Question.) 
  2. You can post your social media profile or Social media page link (May Be It Doesn't Effects Google Ranking).
  3. Our Audience Don't like Extra Reading (Unwanted Stories In Post). Use Pure Information and Data To Make your post lengthy
  4. Our Blog Accepts Posts Related To All Technical Concepts / Programming Codes With Explanations / Useful Data, Codes, Cheat Sheets Etc.
  5. !!!Don't Try Copy Paste!!! Ok We Are Enough Smart To Find It.
  6. Before Writing Guest Post, Please Conform Through This Email That Your Post Title/Topic is Acceptable Or Not For Guest Blogging.

Q 3. Why Guest Blogging  is an opportunity for beginners?
Ans. Simple Answer is, Bitforestinfo Blog is Not Charging Any Money for Guest Blog. Basically, You Will Get A Permanent Link For Your Blog (Until Bitforestinfo Don't Feel Safe). There Are Thousands Of blogs are available which charge for Guest Posts. Actually, The Reality is No One Want to Harm Their Blog Google Ranking Just Because Of Any New Blog Link. So, it's a Good Opportunity For New Guys.

Q 4. How Can I Get Direct Back link?
Ans. Well For Direct Back Link Support From Bitforestinfo Blog You Need To Write minimum 5 - 10 Guest Post. Why? As I Already Said.. I don't want to harm my blog ranking for any New Competitor So, I Just Want To Test How Serious You are because I don't like dead links In My Blog Post.

Q 5. How To Send Guest Post?
Ans. Simply Write All Your Content In Any Doc File With Related Images, Sent It On my mail :

Our Blog Accept All Type Of Programming Solutions, Hacking, Cracking, Penetration Testing, Wireless Testing, CTF Write ups, and other Related Post.

I Hope, I am doing Right!!!

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