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Write Markdown Preview Codes From Scratch In JavaScript

Hello Friends,

Welcome Again To Blog. Friends, Today I am going To Share Information About Another Under Development JavaScript Project Called, MDViewer.

So, Let's Start Our Q/A From Bottom To Top.

Q 1. What is Markdown? Ans. According To Wikipedia .  Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. ... Markdown is often used to format readme files, for writing messages in online discussion forums, and to create rich text using a plain text editor. Read More

Q 2. What is Markdown Preview concept? Ans. In Simple words, Converting Markdown Text Into HTML Element Or Any Other Format To View. For More Info, Check Above Provided Wikipedia Link.

Q 3. Tell Me Something About MDViewer? Ans. I Created This Project Just For Fun, Practice And May Be for Any Type Of Profit. In this project, my goal was to convert simple Markdown Text And Preview Those Codes As HTML Converted Preview. So, i wrote function, that takes markdown text as input and return HTML tag str…

Burp suite Tutorial Series - Brute Force Login Page

Have You Ever Tried To Brute Force Any Web Application Using Burp Suite Software. if not yet, Then Read This Complete Post.

Welcome To My Blog Today In this Post i am going to show you How we can use Burp Suite To Brute Force Any Web Application Login Page Using Burp Suite.

For More Detail Burp Suite Information Check Here

Friends, Here For Tutorial Purpose, I am going To Use DVWA. DVWA stands for Damn Vulnerable Web Application. It's a kind of Vulnerable Application Specially Design To Practise hacking Skills.

If you also want to use DVWA then Check Below Provided Links

How To Install Burp Suite On Linux Platform
How To Install DVWA on Virtual Box - Step With Pictures
How To Setup DVWA in Windows Platform

So, Let's Start Our Practical Example.
First Open Burp Suite, Then Configure You Burp Suite With Firefox Browser. For More Info, Click Here Or You Can Use Foxy Proxy Firefox Add-on To Do Configuration Part Automatically, For More Info About Foxy Proxy,.. Surf Google.

Now, Here…

Command Execution Program in Assembly language

Hi Friends, Welcome Again To my Blog. Friends, Today In This Post I am going To Share Another Mind Blowing Example of Assembly Program in which I simply tried to execute linux command. Actually, This Example is very important to understand if you want to learn exploit writing.

By The Way, If you Are new And Don't Know How To Start, Compile Or Run?
Then, Don't Follow up Our Previous Blog post. Here, it's The List.

1. Hello World In Assembly
2. Find String Length In Assembly Language
3. Subroutine Demo In Assembly language
4. Some Subroutine Functionality Example
5. User Input Example In Assembly Language
6. Variable Decleration/Include function In Assembly
7. Convert Integer Into ASCII in Assembly Language
8. Arthematic Functions In Assembly Language
9. Calculator In Assembly Language

Here, its my code

Command Execution Program in Assembly language

; ; Program To Execute Commands ; ; author : Suraj Singh Bisht ; Email : ; ; section bss SECTIO…

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