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how to install burp suite in Linux/Ubuntu 16.04

Namaste Hackers,

In This Post, I Am going to show you how to install burp suite application in Linux/Ubuntu.

Burp Suite Application

Burp Suite is a Java application, specially designed for performing security tests and vulnerability scanning. Its capabilities include brute force tool, spider tools, Http Request Intercepting tool, repeater tool, intruder tool, sequencer tool, and many others.      read more >>>

So, Let's Start.

Step 1.
          First, We will install Java and for this just open your terminal and type:

COMMAND: sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

Step 2.
           Now, Click Here And Download BurpSuite Free Edition Linux File. (file extension: .sh) Once You have Download Burpsuite linux file. Open Your Terminal And Type :

Command : sudo bash path/to/download/file

Step 3.

              Now, BurpSuite Setup Wizard Will Appear. So, Just Click Next Button.


Step 4.

        Click Next Button.

Step 5.

             Click Next Button.

Step 6.
        Click Finish Button and here, now our burp suite is now installed in our system.

Step 7. 

         To Run Burp Suite Open Your Terminal and Type:

Command  : sudo /opt/BurpSuiteFree/BurpSuiteFree 


Search For BurpSuite in Menu Window Located in Upper Left Corner Of Ubuntu.

Tutorial Complete!

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