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Crack WPA/WPA2-PSK Handshake File Using Aircrack-ng and Kali Linux

Namaste Hackers,

In This Post, I Am Going To Show You How To Crack WPA/WPA2-PSK Handshake file Using Aircrack-ng Suite.

Friends, I Am Assuming That You Have Already Captured 4 Way Handshake File To Try Our Brute Force Tutorial. If not, Then Check This Tutorial To Capture 4 Way Handshake File .

So, Let's Start Our Tutorial.

Setup  1.

To Ensure 4 Way Handshake Packets Availability In Captured File. We Will Use Aircrack-ng.

Open Separate Terminal And Type : 

:~# sudo aircrack-ng [wpa_file.cap]

Setup 2.

Now, We Will Again Use Aircrack-ng To Try All Passwords From Provided Dictionary To Crack Handshake File Encryption.

Type : 

:~# sudo aircrack-ng [wpa_file.cap] -w [dictonery_file_path]

To Create Password Dictionary Using Crunch In Kali Linux.. Check Here

Setup 3.

 Wait... wait.... and wait.  let aircrack-ng to try all passwords from provided dictionary to crack handshake file encryption.

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