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What is ransomware? And How its Works?

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Today, I am going to describe about what is ransomware? and how to prevent your system from ransomware?

Q 1. What Is Ransomware? 

Ans. Ransomware is a type of dangerous malicious software that works like a virus.This Virus can do many things automatically. Ransomware software's spread itself like a virus from one computer to other computer automatically.  So, In this Way, This Software Can Spread its Without Taking Help Of User and Also Without The permission of Target System Machine. This Malicious Softwares' Mostly Used By Hackers For Their Victims Computer. With Ransomware, A Hackers Attacks On Victims Computer and block user access to their data until that user paid a ransom. In Simple Word, A Ransomware is a malicious software used for infecting computer system, blocking, blocking user access to data an many other things until user not pay money to a hacker.

Mostly, These Type of Software are responsible for big cyber attacks. Because This Types Of Software Can Copy and Transmit itself from one computer to other .In latest, WannaCry Is practical example of largest cyber attack.

Q 2. How its Works?

Ans. For Attacks, This Malicious Software Contain Specific Exploit Code For Exploiting Target Computer Systems And After Getting The Remote Access Of Target Systems. This Ransomware automatically Copy itself into Victims Computer and Start its Work For Encrypting Harddisk files And Block. Then, This Software Automatically Display A Message Requesting for money to unlock or decrypting files.

Q 3 How Dangerous is it?

This Malicious Can Be Very Dangerous For Normal Users, Because This Software Can Do Many Things With Its Victims Computer Like, Encrypting Its data, Operating System Locked, Using Victim Machine For Spreading Ransomware In Other Computer Etc. So, In Short This Types of Malicious Software Can Do Big Damage To Their Victim Machine.

Q 4. How To Protect PC From Ransomwares?

To Protect Your System From All Types Of Virus And Ransomware Follow Below Provided Steps:
1. Always Keep Updated You System
2. Keep Updated Your Softwares
3. Use Good Antivirus
4. Don't Click On Unknown links
5. Don't Download Unknow Files from Your Email.
6. Always Keep On Your Operating System Firewall
And Several others

                   Ransomware is a malicious software used for targetting its victim and ask for payments.

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