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what is a hash in cryptography? and Types Of Hash Salt?

Namaste Hackers,

In Today's Post, You Will Learn About What Is Hash In Cryptography? And Other Small Queries Related To Hash.

So, Let's Start Our Post With Some Basic Queries
Introduction Of Hash Algorithms Q 1. What Is Hash Salt?
Ans. In Simple Words, Hash Or Salt Is a Special Technique That Allow You Only Encryption Of Data, Means Hash Algorithms Not Allow Decryption Of Hashed Data. Basically, In This Concept Hash use Specially Design Mathematical Random Algorithm That Always Provides Same Encrypted Cipher Of Same Data, Every Time. But Interesting Thing is That, Because Of Its Special Random Design, Reverse Of Hash Algorithm Is Nearly Impossible. And Another Important Point Is, Hash Algorithm Takes Input of arbitrary length but output is always of fixed length. So, That's Why Hash Algorithms Are Extremely Useful In Cryptography.

Q 2. Importance Of Hash Algorithms?
Ans. Hash Are One Of The Most Popular Facility In Modern Cryptography because With The Help Of These Hashes…

How to create Phishing Page Using Kali Linux | Webpage Page Cloning Using Kali Linux Social Engineering Toolkit

Create Website Clones using Kali Linux. Hello Friends,

Today's Post Is Really Very Interesting Because In This Post, I am going to show you how you can Create a login page clone by using KALI LINUX .

 So, let's Start Today's Tutorial With Some Basic Queries.

Q 1. What Is Website Cloning?
Ans. Website Cloning Is a Process In Which A User Or Program Create Duplicate Copy Of Any Specified Webpage That's Completely Looks And Behave Similarly like Original Page. In This Process, A User Can Use Any Cloning Programme Or Can Also Do Manually. Basically, In This Concept We Copy Html Codes From Original Site And Do Some Editing In Source Codes To Full Fill Our Requirements.

Q 2. Why Hacker's Use Website Cloning Concept?
Ans. Well, With The Help Of This Concept A Hacker Can Create Duplicate Copy of Original Site To Interact With Victim In Place Of Original Site That Can Cause Victim Data leak Or fraud. This Duplicate Webpage Trap is also called Phishing Page. Website Cloning A…

What is linux mint? and how to download linux mint?

are you want to try new operating system? or any new Linux distro? if yes! then, keep reading!.

Namaste Friends,

In Today's tutorial, In This Tutorial, I am going to write about What is linux mint? and how to download linux mint? 
friends,  As I already described many times in my previous tutorial that how Linux is one of the best, secure, stable, light-weight and fast operating system used by 99.6% supercomputers, network servers. Many types of other devices also use Linux operating systems like smart phones, home desktops, small computers, Internet of things, technical gadgets and much more.
you can check my previous posts here.
Linux Linux Kernel
Linux Mint
Linux Ubuntu Linux Debian
Linux CentOS

so, let's start today's topic with some basic questions.

Q 1. What Is Linux Mint?
Ans.   Linux Mint is a Debian and Ubuntu Based Operating System and this distro is actively developed by the Linux Mint Team and world wide Linux community.  Linux Mint is also open source Linux distribu…

What is Matplotlib? | Python Plotting Library | Python Module Tutorial

Namaste Friends,

In Today's Post, I am going to tell you about what is python matploitlib library? and why it is very useful?

So, let's Start

Q 1. What is Matploitlib?

Ans. Matplotlib is a Specially Created Python 2D plotting library which produces high quality figures, diagrams, tables and other graphical representation in a variety of hard copy formats and interactive environments across platforms. In Simple Words, This Library Provides Us Wide Range Of Features To Create Different Types Of Graphical Representation Figures Without Worrying About Different Dependencies, Cross-Platform Problems And Other Problems. With The Help Matploitlib, Any User Easily Can Create High Quality, Various Types Of Graphical Figures In minimum Time Consumption. Matplotlib can be used in Python scripts, the Python and IPython shell (Iron Python Shell ), the jupyter notebook, web application servers, and four graphical user interface toolkits.

Matploitlib Provide Us Pythonic  and object oriented w…

Top 4 Best Linux Distro For Web Server | linux web server

Hello Friends,

Today, In This Post I am going to write about Top 4 Best Linux Distros For Web Servers?

So, let's Start With Some Basic Query.

Linux Web Server Distro Introduction

Q 1. What Is Linux?
Ans. Linux Is a Unix like Open Source Operating System. that is available for many purposes and used by millions of users. An operating system is a bunch of program that works like a interface between computer user and hardware. This interface works like a communication between hardware and user. In Simple Word, Linux Is Just like, WIndows Xp, WIndows 7/8/10 and Mac OS. But one of the major difference is, linux is completely open source. means anyone can customize and can use linux.
Linux is completely free to use for any purpose. yeah, yeah you don't need to spend money for linux. 
The Defining component of linux is the linux kernal, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991 by Linux Torvalds. Linux was originally developed for personal computers but has since…

What is Django | Python Django | Web Development Framework

Namaste Friends,

Today, In This Tutorial I am Going To Write About What Is Django? And Features Of Django Web Framework?

Introduction Of Django
Q 1. What Is Django?
Ans. Django Is an Open Source Web Frameworks That Is Specially design To Create Complex Website System In Fastest and Easiest Way. This Frameworks is Completely Written In Python. Django Web Frameworks Works On The Principle Of MVT Architecture Pattern. Here, MVT Is Stand For Model, View And Template. Model Is Responsible For Database Related System, View Is For Handling Web page Or Data Representation and Template Is For Handling Web Sites Looks. Django Web Framework main Purpose Is To Create Complex And Database Driven Website In Easy To Write.

Q 2. What are The Usages Of Django?
 Ans. Django framework is very light weight frameworks and a cross platform supported Framework. Django Framework Also Provide Plug And Play Features. With Django, User Don't Need To Worry About Database Type Because Django Provides Built-in…

What is virtual machine | Virtual Box? and what are the usages of virtual machine?

Namaste Friends,

In This Post, I am Going To Write About What Is Virtual Machine Or Virtual Box And What are The Usages Of Virtual Machines?

So, let's Start.

Introduction Of Virtual Machine
Q 1. What is Virtual Machine?
Ans. In Computer, Virtual Machine Is A Emulation Of Computers That Acts Completely Like A Separate Computer. In Simple Words, Virtual Machine Are Like A Virtual Computer in Computer Operating System. These Virtual Machines Completely Works Like A Normal Computer. To Run As A Real Computer, These machine Use Specific Percent Capacity Of Original Computers Hardware's To Work Means Virtual Machine Create Virtual Network, Virtual Hard disk, Virtual, Virtual Monitor, Virtual RAM, Virtual ROM And Other Hardware.

Q 2. What are The Usages Of Virtual Machine?Ans. With These Virtual Machines, A User Can Easily Install Another Type Of Operating In Running Host Operating System With The Help Of Virtual Or Isolated Computer Environment. These Feature Of Virtual Machine Re…

Top 8 Popular Distros For Students | latest linux distros

if you are a new Linux beginner then this post is 100 % written for you!.

Namaste Friends,

Today, I Am Going To Show You Top 8 Popular Linux Distro Lists For Students. Let's Start.

1. Linux Mint

                                  Linux Mint Is Best For Starting Linux Distribution. Linux Mint is known for its modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both easy to use and powerful. Linux Mint Looks are really very beautiful. Linux Mint Is Very Leight Weight and fasts to use. Linux mint also provides complete multimedia support to its user because Linux Mint Comes With Some Pre-installed Multimedia Software and With a Wide range of multimedia and other related software. and You Can Download these software's easily using package manage of Linux mint. One of the interesting things is that almost all these software's are free of cost and open source software. Making exceptions for some proprietary software's, such as Adobe Flash and some other also…

what is cookie stealing? and how dangerous is it?

Namaste Friends,

In This Post, I Am Going To Write About What Is Cookie Stealing And How Dangerous Is cookie Stealing?

Cookie Stealing Introduction
Q 1. What is Cookies?
Ans. Cookies are also Know as Web Cookies Or Http Cookies. Cookies Are The Small Piece Of Text Data Stored In Web Browser To Identify Web Browser By Web Servers. In Simple Words, To Identify User Web Browsers, Web Servers Use These Cookies as Identity Pass For Client Web Browsers. Now, Many Of You Thinking, How This Cookie Process? When Any Client Browser Send request To Web server For Web Pages. The Server Reply With Cookies in Header Section Of Data. Then After Receiving Cookies Client Browser Automatically Saves These Cookies In Local Storage To Use As Identity Pass Of Client Browser With Web Server.

Q 2. What is Cookie Stealing?
Ans. In Cookie Stealing, Attacker Simply Use Bunch Of Malicious Codes To Access And Read Client Browser Saved Cookies Because As I Already Described In Previous Paragraph. This Cookies Wo…

what is ddos? Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Namaste Friends,

Today, I Am Going To Write About What Is DDos Attack And How This Types Of Attacks Works?

DDos Attack Introduction
Q 1. What is DDos Attack?
Ans. DDos is Stand For Distributed Denial Of Service. In This Attack, More Then One Attackers Machine Performs Denial Of Service Attack Against Any Victim Machine In Same Time. Mostly For This Attack, Hackers Use Compromised System To Run This Attack In Same Time. They Simply Install Trojans Or Other Malicious Softwares In Compromised System To Run Dos Attacks. In Simple Words, In This Attack A Hacker Use More Than One Computer (Potentially Hundreds Or Thousands) To Attack Against Any Single Victim Machine That Can Cause harm to victim machine.

Q 2. How DDos Attack Works?
Ans. To Understand This Attack, First We need to understand, what is dos attack? In Dos Attack, Single Attacker Machine Make Thousands Of Requests Against Victim Machine To Increase Traffic Flood. Simply Attacker Always Try To Make Busy Victim Machine In Proc…

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