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what is linux? and why linux is best in the world?

                 In Today Time, Linux is also very popular operating systems and currently this operating 
system is used in millions of systems. yes, yes, millions of systems like smartphones, cars, normal 
computers,  supercomputers, company servers, many  gadgets, many type of hardware, home 
appliances, and many more. 

Now, You thinking.. what is linux? hmm,

let's see

Q 1. What Is Linux?

               Linux Is a Unix like Open Source Operating System. that is available for many purposes and used by millions of users. 
An operating system is a bunch of program that works like a interface between computer user and hardware. This interface works like a communication between hardware and user. In Simple Word, Linux Is Just like, WIndows Xp, WIndows 7/8/10 and Mac OS. But one of the major difference is, linux is completely open source. means anyone can customize and can use linux.

Linux is completely free to use for any purpose. yeah, yeah you don't need to spend money for linux. 

The Defining component of linux is the linux kernal, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991 by Linux Torvalds. Linux was originally developed for personal computers but has since been ported to more platform than any other operating systems.

Now, You Thinking How?

Hahaha! Because Android is also based on linux and used by millions of smartphones users. Many Other Types Of hardware also use linux as operating system that's why linux is now available for almost all hardwares.

Linux is also one of the leading operating systems in servers and other big supercomputers. because linux is used on 99.6% supercomputer and server all over the world. 

Why Linux Is Best?

Ans. Linux Is Available Is Both Interface CUI (Character User Interface) and GUI (Graphic User Interface). Linux supports almost all types of computer hardware and linux is one of best choice for programming, computer science and many more. linux is fast, stable and reliables. and freely available online. there are thousands of computer experts and programmers who contributing to create linux more better and fast. and as my personal opinion, linux is always great choice.

There are many features of linux but some of them given below.
  • Most reliable Operating System In the world.
  • Highly Secure Operating System
  • Open Source Operating System
  • Stable And Best Kernel
  • Stable Operating System
  • free to run any program for any purpose.
  • free to redistribute copies to any one.
  • Available In Many Flavour.
  • any many more
At the end, i will suggest you to give a try to linux operating system. and In linux, if you are new visitor. check Ubuntu Distro first.  for more detail Click Here

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