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how to use python string module

Namaste Friends,

Today, I am going to show you how to use python string module? and what is some interesting operations of string module can help you? with practical examples?
As We Already Know Python Is Very Easy To Use and  Popularity Of This Programming Language Is Increasing Rapidly. So, If You are new In Python Programming Then Below Links Can Provide You more Valuable Tutorials!

Python Projects ListsPython Module Tutorials

Now, Let's Focus On Main Point And Start With Some basic queries About Python String Module!.

Q 1. What is Python String Module? Ans. Python String Module is a very useful built-in module, specialized for handling string related operations because this module contains many useful functions, classes, and constants that are also available as the method on strings.

This String Module Provides us Many Extra Capabilities For Handling Strings.

Input : [1]  

#!/usr/bin/python## ============================================# PYTHON SHUTIL MODULE TUTORIAL# ======…

what is metasploit? what is metasploit framework? what are the features of metasploit framework? and why metasploit is very unique?.

Namaste Friends,

Today, we are going to discuss, what is the Metasploit framework? and what are the usages of the Metasploit framework?
So, let's start with some basic query

Q 1. What is Penetration Testing?
Ans. Penetration Testing is also known as "pen testing", "network penetration testing", "pentesting" and "security testing". Penetration Testing is one type of practice attacking your target system or your client's target system in the same way as a black hat hacker can do to find security loopholes but here, all attacks do this without actually harming the network. 
And the person, who do this penetration testing is called a penetration tester or pentester.  
In Simple Words, Penetration Testing is one type of hacking for finding security loopholes but with the permission of owner's and administrate.

Q 2. What is a vulnerability?
Ans  A vulnerability is a security hole or a weakness that can provide a remote access or any other …

how to use python os path module

Namaste Friends,

Today, I am going to show you how to use python os.path module? or you can os.path module complete tutorial!
Let's start with some basic queries.

Os module Overview
The OS python module provides a simple and effective way of using current operating system local and dependent functionality.

In Simple words, This module works like an interface between the user and operating system that python is running on - be that Linux, Windows, Mac or Any Other.

Os Path Module Overview
This Sub-Module Provide us some extra features for handling computer path related functions. Yes! This Sub-Module also plays important role in some situations.

So, here I am going to show you os path module examples in simplest form.

So, let's start our tutorial. Python os.path tutorial.

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