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What Is Linux Live Mode In Linux Operating System?

Hi Friends,

                                                Today, We Will Talk About What Is Live Mode Or Live Cd Or Live DVD Or Live USB In Linux Operating System?


So, Let's Start.

                                      In Today World, Linux Is Also One popular name in desktop operating system. Because Linux Is Open Source, And Available In Many Distributions Like Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Kali Linux, Debian Etc.

                    We run the operating system from our hard drives but these days, you can also run an entire operating system from CD / DVD / USB Or any removable drives.

What Is Live Mode?

Normally,  Linux And Many Other Operating Systems Enables You To Install Operating System From CD/DVD/USB . 
But Linux Also Well Known For its Live Mode. Because With Linux Live Mode.
 You Can Easily Run Complete OS Without Installing Onto Hard Drive.
Yes! Yes Complete Os.
I Know, Many Of You Wondering, How? /  how a live CD works?.

How does the Linux live CD/DVD work?

In Short, As my personal experience :
                                                          Normally, The live mode is a special boot mode offered by many linux distributions. like Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Debian Etc. And This Special Mode Allows The User To Load A fully working operating system environment without the need to install it.

And This Is Possible Because The System Is Not Loaded Onto the System's Hard Drives, Instead It Is Loaded Into Computer Memory.

And This means that when you reboot your computer, your system will be left exactly as it was previously. 

Any Other Advantage?

Linux Live Modes can be used to do Windows troubleshooting.

Yes! You Can Also Use Linux Live CD / DVD / USB For Doing Windows. Let's Suppose, 

You Are Facing, Any Problem That Can solved by live CD / DVD / USB. 

Then, You Only Need To Enter CD Or DVD Into Drives. And Done! Your OS Is Ready To Use.

Purpose Of Giving Live Mode In Linux? 

The main purpose of Live Mode Is To Provide Trial to New Linux User Without Any hefty process of installing OS first, and then trying it out. 

And Linux live CDs are also very easy and convenient way to enter into the world of Linux.

And Another Advantage Is, Live Modes Are Very Secure Way To Do Any Work In Internet.

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