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What Is Cyborg? / World’s Most Advanced Penetration Testing OS

Namaste friends,

                   World Most Advance Penetrating Testing Os Cyborg Hawk.

                                     Today, My Article Is Based On Newly Born World Most Advanced Penetrating Testing OS Or Hackers New Friend Os Called Cyborg Linux. Yes! Yes! Newly Born Linux Distro who claiming to be world most advanced operating system.

Friends, Because this linux distro is new in market. that's why for this Article, I Collected Some Data From Cyborg Official Site And Some data from All Over the Internet.

So, Let me clear some queries About Cyborg Operating System In Details.

The first Query Is 

Q 1. What Is Cyborg Linux?.

Ans. As Cyborg Official Website Says:

               "  Cyborg Linux Is The Most Advanced, Powerful And Yet Beautiful Penetration Testing Distribution Ever Created. Lined Up With Ultimate Collection Of Tools For Pro Ethical Hackers, Pro Penetration Testers And Cyber Security Experts. 

 Simplify Security In Your IT Infrastructure With Cyborg. Its real Strength Comes From The Understanding That a Tester Requires A Strong And Efficient System, That Benefits From Strong Selection Of Tools, Integrated With Stable Linux Environments. "

In simple words, this linux distro trying to be a top & best operating system for penetration testing, security testing, research, mobile testing and other.

Q 2. Who Should Use Cyborg Linux?

Ans. As I Already Described Above, Cyborg Hawk is based on Ubuntu Platform. Ubuntu is a very popular distro based on debian. Cybrog also Comes with Latest kernel and latest updated packages.  So, I Think Any One Who Is Familiar With Linux Can Use Cyborg As It Contains Major Tools For Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Mobile Hacking And Cyber Security Experts. 

Cyborg Comes With 700 + tools and also dedicated tools for mobile security and malware analysis. 

I Know, Many Of You Really Excited About This Operating system.

Let's Talk About Some Important Features Of Cyborg Hawk.

As Cyborg Official Site Claims.

  • More than 750+ penetration testing tools included.
  • Can be used as live OS with full capability.
  • Full virtual machine support. (version v1.1 ).
  • Now comes with its own repository.
  • Reliable and stable.
  • Various Wireless devices support.
  • Patched kernel from an injection.

Etc. Etc...

And Also After Reading Cyborg Official Documentation.

I found that, Cyborg divided its tools into the following categories:

  • Stress Testing
  • Mobile Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Forensics
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Exploitation Toolkit

And At The End Of Day, My Personal Conclusion.
                                                                     CYBORG HAWK Is Really Can Be The Next Generation Penetrating Testing and forensics-based OS that's  can try to replace KALI LINUX. 

If You Really Excited To Download Cyborg.

                                         Then, Click Here  (Only Available In 64-bit).

Thanks For Reading.

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