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How To Create Password Generator With GUI Using Python

Namaste Friends,

                                   Today's Tutorial is about how to create random Password Generator using python and tkinter or you can say how to create password generator using python.

so, let's start but first if you are new visitor then don't forget to check our index page because there you will find really very interesting stuff.
Here, For Today's Topic, Follow Below Steps.
1. Create A Folder Called "Password_Gen"
2. Inside That Folder, Create New Python Script Called ""
3. And Also create another new folder called "toolkit"
4. Inside toolkit folder, create three new python script called 
Now, Folder Directory looks like:
    Password_Gen         |         | --->         |         | --->   toolkit                      |                    …

How To Create Image Viewer Using Python, Tkinter And PIL/pillow

Namaste Friends,

                                                             Today's Tutorial is about how to create image viewer using python tkinter and pil/pillow image library or you can say how to use pil/pillow with python Tkinter canvas widget.
so, let's start but first if you are new visitor then don't forget to check our index page because there you will find really very interesting stuff.

                                                          In Today's Topic we will use python PIL/pillow Image Library. because with this module we can do many interesting works with images. hence, for today's topic first install pil/pillow in you pc.
Here, For This Purpose You Need To Create Four Scripts.
1. (For All Configurations)
2.     (For Path Related Functions)
3.     (For Graphic User InterFace Functions)
4. (For Handling Image Functions)
Here, I am Dividing All Works In 4 Scripts because with this division we can …

how to create age calculating app using python

Namaste Friends,
In Today's Tutorial, I am going to teach how you can easily create an age calculating app using python language. Introduction
Well, In the life of any human being, Age also plays a very important role and Today's Modern world also make it necessary to remember your age. let assume that you working on a computer like any type of Data entry Job and you, again and again, have to calculate the age of client from his/her Date of birth. Yeah, This process is time-consuming and boring.

So, Now let's assume that you created a python script that can calculate age in milliseconds. wow! problem solved.. hahaha...

By The Way, i created this script only for practice purpose so, if you also want to polish your skill then Just take a Try. This Python Script Is Very Easy But Useful. Because Many Times, We Need To Know On Which Day You Born. And What Is Your Correct Age. Or We have to deal with various date and time problems. Therefore this project is going to give you a c…

Create Ping Sweeping Script Using Python

Namaste Friend,

Today's Tutorial is about how we can create python script for doing ping request more easily and fastly. or you can say  "How To Create High-Speed Ping Sweeping Script written in python".
so, let's talk about today's topic. What is Ping Scan? Ping Scan is a process of sending ICMP ECHO request packet to any live host. If a Host wants to mention his availability, it will definitely reply with an ICMP ECHO response packet. Now, you will think why I said, "want to mention” in previous lines. This Is Because, To Prevent System From Hackings Attacks, Users Use Firewalls And Other Security Features That's Not Allow Host Machine to Response back at ICMP Packet Request But Don't Worry, Almost All Host System Likes To Respond On ICMP ECHO Requests. To Send Ping ICMP Request, All Types Of Operating System’s Provides Built-in Facility That Can Help User To Ping Any Host And Verify That, The Host Is Live Or Not.
In Another word, Ping Scans Also …

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