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How to Setup DVWA iso on Virtual Box (with picture)

Hello Friends,
                      Today, I am Going To Show You How to Setup DVWA iso server on Virtual Box.
So, here i am using

  1. Ubuntu as Host System,
  2. Virtual Box
  3. DVWA Iso Image. For Downloading click here

Setup 1. Creating Virtual System.

Setup 2. Create Virtual Harddisk and Select Harddisk size.

Setup 3. Virtual System is ready.

Setup 4. Check System Configurations

Setup 5. Choose DVWA iso path at IDE Storage Drop Down Menu.

Setup 6. Network Configurations.

Setup 7.  After Saving all Configurations, Start Virtual System

Setup 8. Choose Live cd Option

Setup 9. Now, Server is ready for use.

Setup 10. Check IP Addres of Server.

Setup 11. Enter Server IP Address at Browser Address Bar.

Setup 12. Default Username: admin; Default Password: password


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