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how to find login/admin page of any website using automatic perl script - For Penetration Testing Purpose

Namaste Friends,

                      In This Post, I Am Going To Show How To Find Login Page on Any Website In Fastest Way.

Friends, In Websites, login Pages Provides Extra Capabilities To Their Registered User For Doing Any Specified Changes In Their Website Or In Website Database. Hence, Website Login Page Is very Important Page Of Any Website.

For Doing Penetration Testing To A Website,  A Penetration Tester Always Starts Its Testing From Website Login page Because Mostly All Hackers, Always Try To Hack, Crack, Jump or pass Login Mechanism Of Any Website Login Page And This Makes Login Page More Important Factor IN Hacking Any Websites.

So, That's Why Today, In Thins Tutorial, I am Showing A Simple Way For Finding Website Login/ Admin page Easily Or If You Want To Make This Types of Scripts on You Own, Then Check Here. Here, I am showing how to write Admin Page Finder Script In Python.

For This tutorial, here I am Using Linux But You Can Also use Windows but if you want to use Windows Operating System, Then First You need To Create Perl Environment In Your Operating System. In Simple Words, You Need Perl Interpreter To Perform This Task In Your windows Platform.

Requirement for Performing This operation

1. Perl Environment And Script

2. Internet Connection

3. Website Url

First Download From Given link


And Then Run This Script Using Below Command :


After Executing This script,

Type Your Victim Site URL And Wait For Finding Login Script.


Note : - This is only for Educational Purpose Only

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By S.s.B

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