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How To Create Windows Bootable ISO Using KY_Boot Creator

Namaste Friends,

Windows Operating System Is One of the Most Popular Operating System Provided By Microsoft. To Install These Types Of Operating System We Always Needed A Bootable Iso File To Create A Bootable DVD. But Many Time, We Buy & Download Iso Image file from Microsoft Website and Extract That Images without backup of original image because of No knowledge. And Then Our Iso Not Works as a bootable Iso.  

So, In this Post I am going to share a very useful trick to create again a bootable iso from extracted files using KY_Boot Software.

This Software use a Microsoft small command line program to make a bootable Iso. Their are lots of Program available on Internet for this Purpose But They Are Very Complicated to use. That's why I am using Simple KY_Boot Software. This Script is Using OSCDIMG.exe Command line tool in a Easiest Way. 

Requirements For This Purpose: 

  • Windows Extracted Files 

Collect Windows All Files In A Folder. And Follow Below Steps


Step 1.  
             Extract KY_Boot Downloaded Zip file. (Don't Worry, I Removed Password!)

Step 2.
           Now, Copy KY_Boot Extracted Folder To Desktop Then, Open KY_Boot.exe Setup

Step 3.
         Browse Windows Extracted Files Folder, 

Example: - C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\windows_xp 


Step 4.  
         Click On Selected Output Folder Browse Button


Step 5.

          Here, Select Directory 
For Saving Bootable ISO Image And Enter The Name 
Ex : - I am Using Test (Don't Add .iso At End. because It will Added Automatically) 


Step 6.
          Now Wait For Completing The Process. 



You Can download KY_Boot From Here:

                     Download KY_Boot ! Click Here .... 


Written by:
By S.S.B

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