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                                           "Bitforestinfo" A blog Based On technical knowledge, tutorials, how-to guides, hacking and programming solutions. In this blog you will find articles related to python programming, penetrating testing, ethical hacking, Linux, kali Linux and many more interesting topics.

About Me (Blog Admin):

Name: Suraj Singh Bisht
Contact: surajsinghbisht054@gmail.com

About my pythonic life.

My Life Starting Journey was Really Very Interesting Because, In my life, I faced many types of up And down. I started my journey to be an ethical hacker. because when my age was about 11 year. I hear a news related to hacking on our television. and from that time. 
I started reading about what is hacking, penetration testing, forensic etc, etc. 

After lots of reading, internet surfing and understand. One day, I decided to use Linux Platform first time. and That time, I was only 12 years old when I used Linux (BackTrack) platform first-time. and I think that was my first day in the technical field. Now, Linux (Ubuntu & Kali Linux) is my default operating system.

At Beginning, I Learn Python For Polishing my ethical hacking knowledge and skill. My Goal Was to Learn How To Create Different Hacking Scripts In Python like Networking Script, Brute Force Scripts, Cracking Scripts, Web Scraping Scripts And Automation Scripts.

But After Spending Some Time With Python Tutorials, Books, And Documentations. I realized that python is really very interesting and useful programming language. and can be used for almost all technical fields. and one the best point I found in python is that we can extend python features with C/C++, Java, And Other Language.

And From That Time. I Decided To Say "Python Is My Favourite Language".

I like to write articles on a wide range of topics like Hacking, Cracking, Penetration testing, Programming etc.

Python Is My Love, 
Linux Is My Habit, 
Web Scraping is my hobby, 
C/C++ is my Interest, And,
Technology is my life "

I live in India,

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