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how to install mypaint in ubuntu

Namaste Friends,

In This Post, I Am Going To Show You How To Easily install MyPaint App In Ubuntu.

MyPaint Introduction

About MyPaint App

According To Wikipedia """MyPaint is a free and open-source raster graphics editor for digital painters with a focus on painting rather than image manipulation or post processing. MyPaint is available for Microsoft WindowsOS X, and Linux. It is in some ways similar to Corel Painter. """


  • Pressure-sensitive graphics tablet support
  • Dynamic brush library, standalone for integration into third-party applications
  • Extensible
  • Layer management
  • Simple interface
  • Gamut masking color wheel
  • "Unlimited" canvas not requiring predetermination of image size

Installation Procedure

Just Open Your Terminal And Type Below Commands

:~$ sudo apt-get install mypaint mypaint-data-extras



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